Surprise Visitors @April

Images from yesterday’s news refused to leave but this morning a tree full of thumb- sized black birds, white chested (what are they?) they greet with rowdy song… what are they saying?

Last week we saw a family of Peacock. I thought it was a whacky dream….

Net pic

….glistening blue preening in the few meters between our home and Gulmohar trees….. all lounging around like that? Was too much to take a close pic but brief video below.

Can say with some confidence- we’re all a little more than numb; even beautiful things take time to process. My heads jumbling …..

startled by visuals in a world gasping with disbelief at its single cruel global event. Along with unavoidable casualties, will geographic justice prevail?

Yet these Beauties arrive: random signs of a Normal still here, after centuries of war & peace- while one is still gagging over lakhs of us hurting in ways we shouldn’t.

Lilies, Lent, April,

Last night our son wasn’t too calm: aggression surfaces its head with random punctuality…

this morning he comes to where I am with my empty diary. Joh, 19, used to be the gentlest creature…. but the past 2 years were a dark valley. Now he reaches for my hair, and starts playing… his fingers gentle gentle….I remember an old song Ma and Dad used to sing ….He touched me… it feels selfish to be this Touched, not just in my skin by suddenly gentle-d son, which is a miracle in itself, but deep within raggedy heart, mine;

haunting images of migrant workers scrambling for a way back home to their villages follow me as I turn away from those tiny black birds I’ve not noticed before in trees we never planted… all yelling a song I wish I understood. My thoughts scramble ….

as our Govt. does it’s best, please let everyone stay in, help each other stay in, not go helter -skelter, not arrange a public meet like a very irresponsible group just did in lue capital city endangering an entire nation/earth.

A day ago, India
Net pic.

Joh’s fingers now so gentle in my skin, what can I say. Words halt…

He Touched me….

when I was just starting out in life, 25…. newly married, a spinal defect that had been developing suddenly worsened. Spinal cortisone injections (a 2 year nightmare) only helped short term.

From our balcony.

One day a stranger prayed for me, and in 24 hours I was totally healed. This isn’t easy to talk about because few would believe but I’ll never forget that fire in my bones and the touch of healing. Who Touched me….?

I never forget that day, and today after our 19 year old touched my heart like that, like an angel…in a time when hands must stay 2 meters away, and distancing is a new kind of love…. yes we are getting Touch- hungry and will look for Soul – Touches more than we guess now.

It is April already, the sky is a startling blue, yes I am startled by life;

am persuaded to believe against all odds that today will be nothing like yesterday, no matter the news. Woke up today feeling numb, but there were these chirpy tiny white chest- black birds outside; how must I stay negative? (As I wrapped this post, we saw Peacock again, this time a lone one…distancing? Kitsy our daughter yelled ‘Penguin!!!!’ How isnt that funny? She was mad at me for laughing that hard).

It’s a strange time, an unusual life: the whole world on the same page. It is harsh and unreal, and yet any little/ large blessing looks/is larger than life.

My sky.

Outside white cottony clouds go busily away. April feels beautiful in my Indian window: it is getting warm, gold light filling green leaves. I want to cry but the colours are too many. Want to pray but there are no words. Joh’s fingers still gentle in my temples: I treasure, store them away along with little black- musical- yelling birds & other kinder action.

Sometimes in the dark, you’re startled by angels.


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12 thoughts on “Surprise Visitors @April

  1. Very upset by what is happening with migrant workers in India. Those with least reserves of strength, financial support and health are hit hardest, true in the UK as well but less visible because the numbers are smaller.

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    1. Thankyou Gina, it feels so good to see familiar names now here, heart -warmed that you were here. We are safe, but that’s such a stretchable word. And it hurts like hell not to be able to help a neighbour, few miles away. God keep you close too

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  2. We have to admit we are touch oriented and a social species. I am relieved that all of my family and friends are sheltering in place with at least one other. Those separated from others (solitary confinement) know it is a harsh punishment. At least the internet is keeping them connected. And as long as we can find beauty and humor in everyday life, we will be well. God does not abandon us… Let Kitsy know that the Holy spirit sometimes puts words in our mouths that make no sense to us but lift the spirits of those in need of lifting… Penguins! I am revived!

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    1. 😊😃so very glad you liked kitty’s penguins! Its cheered me up too. Must show her this. Yes we’d just fold up in isolation…..oh YES thank God for the net too: never realised how invaluable it is at a time like this, or any. Trusting you’re all safe, well. Where dyou live..if that’s alright to ask


    2. Last night, we watched Benedict Cumberbatch on Garham Norton’s show, and how he said, “PENGWINGS” for Penguins in a documentary, so that kindv stayed on her tongue I guess. 🐧🦚😃


  3. Loved the post especially about ‘touch’ the sense we probably give the least attention to. I know that you will be able to recreate the gentle soothing comforting touch of your son anytime anywhere and experience it just like the first time. I just gave it some thought and there is so much – the first touch of ‘hello’, the last of ‘goodbye’, the palm of a loved one, the touch of healing, comfort, caring blessing – the list goes on. Once again a beautiful post – thank you.

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