Where I saw you

We were all there: Alice of Wonder, you, me, even a Cat…

us, behind a glass Wall, suddenly we were the audience, one body reaching to the Thing :

Pic Dale Rogerson
Friday Fictioneers Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-

we peered through darkness from parched fires in our eye, smoking ash of our soul. The Thing breathed Life..

nothing dared It’s route. What are you ??? We screamed in the mute throat of our Silence. The Vision heard.

Love, It said, I am. It raked our ash with Nails as if from a Cross bleeding love.

I wake, with new words: “Now we peer through a Glass darkly, as in a dream….


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100 words.
Friday Fictioneers Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-


35 thoughts on “Where I saw you

      1. Laughing.
        Good question.
        All sorts of thoughts were triggered by your words, but I couldn’t really grasp any of them to see where they were from or where they went.
        This is a reflection of my mental process, and no criticism of your piece.

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      2. Ah’m. I should be apologising….๐Ÿ™‚. Alright, if I may….’ the Vision’ looking at Players on stage, is symbolized by the Cross. So, Nails. So, Christs Love.. for humanity.
        Have I further complicated your wonder…๐Ÿ˜…


      3. The last line Quotes the famed Love Chapetr(1Corinthians 13): “…we peer as thru’ a glass darkly, but oneday, shall see, face to face…”


  1. Because I love the Bible, and was so familiar with your references–“Love. . . I AM”–I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful piece of literature/art. I tend to be of a quite practical turn of mind, so digesting something like this takes me some time. Anyway, welcome to our sometimes zany, sometimes serious group. I look forward to reading more from you.

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    1. Thankyou so much for being here and taking the time for honest feedback. My apologies for a delayed response, and too…oh for not taking care to explain. Will do so, ( add footnote maybe). Yes I tend to not be practical at all, most times. Sigh. Glad you were kind about it. ‘Zany/serious group’s but so inspiring. ‘M blest to know you all this way. Warm wishes, from a warm country (India)๐ŸŒป.

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