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To see like never before

… your retina is fine. That macula spot is a healed scar.”

His words sink in as they drape my face. I’m sipping at relief. For years I have looked thru’ blurs, floaters, haloes, recently, even cats*! Now it seems like not such a bad eye, as we prepare for Phaco IOL surgery. The kind Doctor used this moment to give me some positive news; his voice is a ray of light. I exhale.

The next few minutes here will prescribe my vision forever, as they remove my cataracts*. Am stepping into new Territory, totally unprepared for what followed @ Karthik Nethralaya.

Chairman Medical Director, Karthik Nethralaya

Leading Opthalmologist whose innovative surgery along with
his highly qualified Team, serve micro-surgical excellence for decades of blind & visually impaired persons, as well as advocating training in affordable cataract treatment across S.Asia.

K.N.is a grey Block of cordial buzz@9am

A livewire 5ft Optometrist tells me it will be over before I know it. Theater Staff frame my left eye with a device to keep it open. From inside the face wrap & topical anesthesia, it is like looking up through blue underwater. The Theater is cool. Literally. One of its kind in India. Sleek, minimal. Dual palmsized rectangular lights and another circular one shine thru’.For a moment you won’t see anything, we’re putting it all in the centre..”

There is no pain just a tiny tug: I’m suddenly staring at grey Smudge, at Blindness. Then a miracle happens:

like a stencil of dawn: an orb of sheer crystal enters focal field. How do I describe this choreography of lights, being worked into my visual frame? The Procedure is a work of Art, a moving picture:

like a Monet painting

but in 3D. “Doctor, I wasn’t prepared for something beautiful.”

He has a knowing silence. Something beautiful did just happen: call it Phaco Intraocular lens surgery, with Toric lens: focal (long distance left eye & later, intermediate in the right),

this is the Sacred, collaborating with Humanity.

What micro-miracle just fixed my vision, (weak since childhood), now it begins to see a world that is brighter, closer…?

The surgery is ‘8 minutes’ (outside of preparation time), no injections, no stitches, just the process of healing, rest;

sunglasses are given, post-surgery. “Alright, sit down a while, pray…whatever it is you do…” Dr. concluded.

What does one pray when they’re startled?

Am still staring at how good everyone looks now, at the countless colors of trees, the details at construction sites, at vendors and cows, at samosa stall, traffic jams, rain clouds…

What were those blue- greens at ….?” I ask in our first Follow up, 24 hours later. Dr.MSR shrugs. I’ve never had eye surgery so, don’t know. But there are artists who painted muddy due to cataract.” ( I Googled and found this interesting Article on colour & cataracts👁)

At K.N., after Surgery, patients are given easy- to- wear – at- night -shield, before the next eye’s IOL (where another ‘sapphire’ miracle happened for me. Am yet to meet someone who shares similar visuals. Can the Retina (Powerhouse of color) be triggered? )

My sisters, Eye *Dr Olga David & Thelma(lecturer) highly recommend Dr.M.S.Ravindra, “He’s the best!”

*(she gave me time & words of wisdom thru’ these 2 surgeries: an experienced and well loved Eye Surgeon herself♥️ I owe you sis!)

It has been one month, 2 weeks & a life changing experience. How does one say thank you for the skill & grace of good Doctors, Staff, and even Basement Security who escort one into elevator (sans footwear) with eyes like a thumbs up;

am getting on canvas what was ‘seen’ in there, but can all the paint in the world match the Doctor’s incredible brush with Infinite Intelligence?

These are the ‘best of times and the worst’; human Vision peers thru’ cataracts of need. The lines between good & evil blur as we search for clarity, for Compassion.

My experience at Karthik Nethralaya is a Nudge from the Supernatural to never take healing for granted.

Yes, there is the continued prayer to Lord Yeshua: God of Peace & Love:

“The Lord bless and keep you, make His Face shine upon you, be gracious to you and give you peace.”



Website https://www.karthiknetralaya.com/



I responded to a Skeptic not realizing this was going to be more than sweet poetry shares…

Poetry partnerships are responses to each other’s poem.

I hadn’t a clue that the articulate, kind eyed Skeptic’s Kaddish was agreeing to many extra miles just to be seen with my Yeshua verses.

In his Post David Bogomolny says,” Yes, I responded to Faith Poetry.”

“…I mean, really, one of the main reasons I avoid such poetry is because I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings. What would be the point of responding to a true believer’s sincere God-loving poem with my skepticism? What would my cynical response accomplish? And- believe me, I have almost nothing left in me today but cynicism…” David Bogomolny, Skeptic’s Kaddish – ben Alexander David.


I’m a ‘Faith Poet’? Now I know, thank you David. Love the description.

He didn’t want to hurt me’ … ben A.D. Ah’m. You don’t see my cactus heart – I’d have been the original doubting Thomas’ daughter had it not been for What we been staring thru’ the dark at !

David writes with skilled ease and forms I never knew existed. Like it or not, this impatience at “faith”, coupled with careful toeing of thin line between here and the Shekinah, is fascinating; his Kaddish of grief, at loss of his father, the renowned Israeli American Mathematician +, Alexander Bogomolny is a Prayer Wall all by Itself. These are lyrics of beauty in ashes. It stirred me to look closer at scepticism. After months I was blogging again and two passages from his Skeptic’s Kaddish ran at me; both are necessary to Everything.

Papa…in describing you …I have sometimes invoked an image of you as the “genius version of Forrest Gump” because you lived through so much momentous history but remained unruffled by it. You innocently savored life’s little details and exhibited a childlike fascination for moments that went unnoticed by most. It seems to me that your life experiences were filtered through your soul before ever reaching your mind.

His other line : “… it feels to me as though nobody has any interest in listening to those with whom they disagree politically …..”

Two random readings from a professing skeptic, and neither felt hostile to a Bible hugging momma (me);

so. We did a couple of back and forth Poetry shares. One cannot presume to know another’s journey;

as for me, it wasn’t my Ma’s insistence nor Dad’s that provoked me to stare in the Unseen. Left to myself I’d’ve been the Skeptic of skeptics, you’ve no idea. I didn’t find heaven in the pews and baptism pool till a certain clearing of my mind began. The Unseen was right there beneath my own skin and the veins of leaves, of Life;

like a Poem in our mind that becomes a written word, I stared in the dark: this is how the Unseen world works for me, this is my definition of Faith. ..so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.” Hebrews 11.

I find God staring at my own narrow ways through other humans who can forgive one another too. Love like that hurts like little else can. And it wrecks me to pieces, in a Peace that defies defect. Nothing missing, nothing broken – Shalom. Peace.


Our local Sati, Dowry deaths to mention a few, had begun to build me into a museum of crime records. It is not impossible to go there. I could not forgive that everyday there’s a grisly rape, an honour killing, there’s war & sins of the powerful / ‘righteous’. One summer holiday between Anne Frank and Jungle Book, I came across Corrie Ten Boom’s Hiding Place:

the power of Forgiveness mingled with Love that asks nothing in return but a certain giving: this is an act of Soul. Without which we are….what? And if we do have Soul, we are miles more than meets the eye. Sigh. Yes!

Then we could not limit our self anymore nor stay indifferent to evidences of Life beneath surfaces. Maybe we would begin to listen to each other, know why we are what we are. We are more than a few dimensions. We are minefields and diamonds that surface from generations of bruises we carry like tattoos in our skin, and stars we seek.

Sheer relief : I didn’t have to play God anymore. I gave up my panel of Controls. One could swing a hammock in a desert if you could find two good trees! There would be dust storms, there would be songs. And there could be nothing missing, nothing broken inside-out if you dared. It would be tiring. Uneasy. No blame games. Only Grace.


I am grateful for people who believe what they believe with an honesty that is unafraid to look at the Unseen. People like David who is a true ….Tolerant?

May you be startled.

You deserve the best.


Has there ever been a time like this one? Has there ever been a silence like now: each of us one voice asking the same questions/ the same quest for peace/ the same need? We are as a race quietened; we have never before been startled as we are today. I’ve not experienced a certain shameless scream inside, for each other. Never before has my heart been this unafraid to say it out loud: we need you Lord Jesus. No one else met me in my darkest hour; no one else showed me the Light. Yea I can say it without a flicker of a doubt: you and I have been loved by the Christ.

Here it is! Woooo! 😄😄😄🥳
We received 112 expressions of worship, from 20 countries, 53 states, 5 continents, in 28 different languages!
Let’s get on our knees, praise God, and pray for our land! 😄


From around my home

From around my home

A Letter to you: (inspired by a blog-friend)

Heal Warrior,

know you are Loved by a Force you cannot see, but One that sees you. Regret nothing but what you deprive yourself of tomorrow. Love generously, live every minute, I mean LIVE. Lockdown all noise that Intrudes. We deserve more than we give ourselves. You are No.1 and should be in your list of beautiful things this side of heaven. You are precious, more than trees and leaves of all the pages ever written anywhere on earth, aren’t you?

Aren’t you? Look deep in the eyes of your heart and read the preciousness with which you were created. See how Someone died so you and I could live free as we do, children of an earth almost too blest. Aren’t we, too blest? Warrior friend mine, yes you,

I write this with an urgency I do not understand: there’s a day to live for today and you and I must excel all expectations to just be normal. We ride above the boring norms we chalked out for yesterday… eh warrior please let go of yesterday’s habits, yesterday’s nightmares, let go, let go of tomorrow’s predictions, let’s be who we were, we are, will be… warriors in love and Peace: nothing missing, nothing broken-

we were made for days as these in a Love that forever breathes heavens’ brand of peace Warrior, please.

Old calendar, in tiny easel. Some Words never fail, no matter the way humans err and one decade after another breaks down in the stress of Time.
Last night we watched the third episode of CHOSEN, is brilliantly put together: the life of Yeshua as seen creatively by Producers’ unique brand of wit that comes from a seriously awe-filled place. Yes some Americanese in it(…”you kidding me?!” Said by Hebrew disciple), which is in any case versatility at best😃but besides that, surprisingly good – after watching way too many Jesus films, this still grabs. Looking forward to seeing the last episode now.

My little Harp girl in Water Colour, and paper roses (no florist around), yes, babe pics of our kids still around the house: Reminders of days that we receive every day from the Father of Lights with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.
Prayers that go up as incense. Answered prayers. Expectant healing from things more than an earth- bound virus. We are more than these, we are Prayerers: we forget who we are, we forget the power in our hands to reach out to The Only One Who has the power to save from Gehena. Yahweh, heal our earth from wounds we needn’t host. Remind us we needn’t be scared of things that kill earth life but cannot touch our immortality. Show us who You are. In these days, remind us of who we really are.
If you’re looking for Sunday Fellowship, do join here


You are seeing Ads. here? No, they are not endorsed by me nor am paid for, for them in any way 🙂. My apologies for inconvenience and I pray for the day Essentials will be truly free. I know, that’s asking a bit much. I love WordPress and the ability to Blog no matter what; also that through this medium, to have the ability to read your presence.

Have a great week!


‘LIFE’ is a state of mind…

Yesterday we put together a video of the Fellowship that has currently just the five of us, at home. It was past lunch time when we finally began: our son on his little keyboard: we had a new song= new lyrics😳;

Kitsy our angel finally sings though! Me I hate cameras, never liked them, but there’s a daughter with lens in this house. Sigh … I love God, will do whatever it takes. Besides it’s been 2 years of intense Love that kept us going. We’ve had family and friends pray over us and that’s no small thing. Gratitude!

Title of this Post is from the Word in Video: …death too is also a state of mind. We rise above the Things that hold us back, dead places of the heart and mind that cause us to die inside.

we are surrounded by physical death and associated shadows, but Life is what we are within and beyond all of that. Which is what makes this celebration more meaningful this time than any. Yes Uncertain Times! The only certainty is that nothing can take away our Peace, no matter what, nothing shatters the bonds broken at the Cross, for Free….

we’re packing in warm greetings from our home and homes associated with Haven friends here in India, to yours:

may you have the Peace of God which surpasses all human understanding, and the Joy that comes from staying with Him.

I do not know that all like such words, but it’s the thing within me and it’s why I write. I wish you Christ Jesus, like you did not think possible, in these times, this life, these days. These are those Absolute Essentials we cannot live without. We all may never see each other in this life, but it is my prayer that after all these words here and there, we will oneday truly be family together, eternally.

Family hug.