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To see like never before

… your retina is fine. That macula spot is a healed scar.”

His words sink in as they drape my face. I’m sipping at relief. For years I have looked thru’ blurs, floaters, haloes, recently, even cats*! Now it seems like not such a bad eye, as we prepare for Phaco IOL surgery. The kind Doctor used this moment to give me some positive news; his voice is a ray of light. I exhale.

The next few minutes here will prescribe my vision forever, as they remove my cataracts*. Am stepping into new Territory, totally unprepared for what followed @ Karthik Nethralaya.

Chairman Medical Director, Karthik Nethralaya

Leading Opthalmologist whose innovative surgery along with
his highly qualified Team, serve micro-surgical excellence for decades of blind & visually impaired persons, as well as advocating training in affordable cataract treatment across S.Asia.

K.N.is a grey Block of cordial buzz@9am

A livewire 5ft Optometrist tells me it will be over before I know it. Theater Staff frame my left eye with a device to keep it open. From inside the face wrap & topical anesthesia, it is like looking up through blue underwater. The Theater is cool. Literally. One of its kind in India. Sleek, minimal. Dual palmsized rectangular lights and another circular one shine thru’.For a moment you won’t see anything, we’re putting it all in the centre..”

There is no pain just a tiny tug: I’m suddenly staring at grey Smudge, at Blindness. Then a miracle happens:

like a stencil of dawn: an orb of sheer crystal enters focal field. How do I describe this choreography of lights, being worked into my visual frame? The Procedure is a work of Art, a moving picture:

like a Monet painting

but in 3D. “Doctor, I wasn’t prepared for something beautiful.”

He has a knowing silence. Something beautiful did just happen: call it Phaco Intraocular lens surgery, with Toric lens: focal (long distance left eye & later, intermediate in the right),

this is the Sacred, collaborating with Humanity.

What micro-miracle just fixed my vision, (weak since childhood), now it begins to see a world that is brighter, closer…?

The surgery is ‘8 minutes’ (outside of preparation time), no injections, no stitches, just the process of healing, rest;

sunglasses are given, post-surgery. “Alright, sit down a while, pray…whatever it is you do…” Dr. concluded.

What does one pray when they’re startled?

Am still staring at how good everyone looks now, at the countless colors of trees, the details at construction sites, at vendors and cows, at samosa stall, traffic jams, rain clouds…

What were those blue- greens at ….?” I ask in our first Follow up, 24 hours later. Dr.MSR shrugs. I’ve never had eye surgery so, don’t know. But there are artists who painted muddy due to cataract.” ( I Googled and found this interesting Article on colour & cataracts๐Ÿ‘)

At K.N., after Surgery, patients are given easy- to- wear – at- night -shield, before the next eye’s IOL (where another ‘sapphire’ miracle happened for me. Am yet to meet someone who shares similar visuals. Can the Retina (Powerhouse of color) be triggered? )

My sisters, Eye *Dr Olga David & Thelma(lecturer) highly recommend Dr.M.S.Ravindra, “He’s the best!”

*(she gave me time & words of wisdom thru’ these 2 surgeries: an experienced and well loved Eye Surgeon herselfโ™ฅ๏ธ I owe you sis!)

It has been one month, 2 weeks & a life changing experience. How does one say thank you for the skill & grace of good Doctors, Staff, and even Basement Security who escort one into elevator (sans footwear) with eyes like a thumbs up;

am getting on canvas what was ‘seen’ in there, but can all the paint in the world match the Doctor’s incredible brush with Infinite Intelligence?

These are the ‘best of times and the worst’; human Vision peers thru’ cataracts of need. The lines between good & evil blur as we search for clarity, for Compassion.

My experience at Karthik Nethralaya is a Nudge from the Supernatural to never take healing for granted.

Yes, there is the continued prayer to Lord Yeshua: God of Peace & Love:

“The Lord bless and keep you, make His Face shine upon you, be gracious to you and give you peace.”



Website https://www.karthiknetralaya.com/



‘Go to the ant thou sluggard,’ He said

At the Pet Sanctuary we met Hedgehog with soulful eyes (tattoos belong to Guide).

Hedge hogs are camera shy, did you know???
he curls into this ๐Ÿ’œ with Alpha skills at enduring camera lens!
Silver peasant– the male is way more “Dude” than missus. She is”plain” for camouflage against predators as she tends their young. Male boy is cuter – so he can distract roving evil eye, often even giving his life for her & their babies.
Co- habitance.
later we are told the handsome iguana has whiplash tail that can break bones.
Bearded dragon from Oceania!
Maya– rescued with her mate from local street. Someone let their horses go?

Sir Guinea Pig. (Global Pharma/Cosmetics and Psych Labs: why endanger these beauties?)
Noe,Kitsy, Wings & co.
..every chitter said the same thing, that we humans saw too little of the Creator in all our doings/ undoing;
What can I say?” I asked Sir Guinea. “God is good,“he replied. “Eden to here, He’s good all the time. Wish you could see it from my centimeters. Y’all too tall.
Outside Prani Pet Sanctuary, ‘long necked rushes’ we took home๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ
Everything reminds me of the Matrix of Things hidden from human reasoning;
of a Single Hand that meshes all Species in one stroke.


Every piece of Light and Thought, all War & Crime,

Evil itself reflects what it opposes. Violence turns our eye on Peace, Hate drives hard a case on Love, Disbelief singularily champions a running away from Belief ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿผin the very Thing all Creation points to.

When we go out into a universe full of Footprints of the Unknown,

It stares us in the face – this Oneness written into all Living Features:

patterns of Interaction, of Bonding or not, of Phonetic / other Exchanges between the bars of Cages and Pens

things we are not prepared for, things that happen when a rabbit and turkey, gosling or rescued pony meet your whisper, with a sound that can only be described as the Language of Creation~

in syllables that connect us all in one shared Room called Planet Earth;

each of us with unique fingerprints and more ‘unique’ we haven’t even begun to know,


every eye and tongue of us flora, fauna and homo sapien: inimitable, no matter the sophistication of stem cell theories and other.

The older I get the more gawk-eyed I am, about how little we care about where we’re headed after we leave all this-

that world beyond what human iris can now see,

Divine Dad please lead me (pic with Noe& our visually challenged son)
Fish! Our home slowly turns into an aquarium. Since this pic, we have four more bowls and tails and snout gazing at us in speechless knowledge I envy.

I lay hold of that for which Christ laid hold of me...” Philippians 3:12.

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Bouquet from the King

The room gasps: outside our window beneath a hunch of trees, it’s there. In a rush of light & stillness … a Bouquet from the King, in a fuss of forest early evening mist. “For you.” He whispers;

I fling my mind down and lunge to where we get a closer angle: this pic doesn’t do justice to what real-time iris sees in 360 panoramic degrees of an October going to November, in the wake of ..

PiCourtesy Vihan


.. of Year 2020 tip toeing on all our nerves. I’m certain 2020 feels bad by now, and we aren’t breathing easy yet, not me. Woke up this morning feeling like I’m on Mt.Everest and scared to look down….

then He sends us a Bouquet among 295+ shades of green tender/ savage noon light.

Heart slamming our ribs we stare at His bouquet staring at us in equal devotion: every curl, petal and sepal, a startling testament of Him, His unshakeable Kingdom around our little planet.

I look up at Light filtering through nearby trees and see another Bouquet closer: its orange blossom flushed with rain. These trees were always here, now they are no longer just trees,

they are Messengers from the Creator: His voice in startling tones I never really thought were specific convo with me, in this here tiny moment no one else might even notice. Vihan, my daughter grins and says, “Yeah Ma, you’d catch this! Now pl Blog post it? “

The picture we managed here, barely captures what really was, pulsing with His 7D Presence! I needed to share it with you this eve of November: a Bouquet for you from the King.

Photograph : Vihan


May you too be startled by wild insane Events in corners just waiting for you to notice Him-

notice His Messages of Unblinking Love, no matter the forecast. Nothing mortal compares with His presence- NOTHING.