I’m a wilderness, in a vineyard

Innerdialects : because there are syllables inside that only we host; memoirs that frame today for tomorrow, mid other dialects.

last night, 11 pm

spoken word



Last night 11 pm driving back home, we saw a young woman between the cars, the entire right side

…o’ face in plaster – it bled where the ear used to be : her head did a spasm with each step, she took …’tween

Mahatma Gandhi road an’ vehicles at Trinity circle: her right arm begged o’er an exposed belly- swollen – 7 mths ? 

o’er sagging skirt an’ shrunk red blouse.  


If we scraped together every coin an’ note we could / would it take away things done to her – that ordered her to beg at

midnight barefoot pregnant burnt scarredunspoken for, a loan, to evil.Was she young was she, old? God Lord her wide black eyes do not cry…is this why the seas are full of salt: they’re full of tears we weep no longer

I – wanta apologize. I have a Tehfilla, an outpouring, of prayer, untidy , untidy words like – salty tears of us muddied with the soil of our Lazarus

Lord precious, she, hostage of hell,Rescue that girlmay that child in her know Your protection God…look for that girl at Trinity Circle…forgive me not doing what You’d have done if you were there last night 11 pm, You werent?

 Abba Adonai Rofeka : God of Healing Who  makes all things new, You heard, her beg for heaven, but only I was there Repulsed afraid to do what You do. I?! cannot unburn fires, cannot un walk her crooked mile, I m just another woman human you God, undo her hell,

erase the ashes of her dust: do what You do why is all lookn to me now, Yeah You heard me hear her you were there my Bethlehem Star – You an’ I saw her / dont blame me/ o I’m not blaming You – just saying / ok yea/ Yes you er, gave me house, spare blankets warm – kitchen, front door., balcony, garden yea yes! Ofcourse, You know/ best, i’m no answer to…. human need

Yeah i saw her in the Gap ‘tween …You an’ I, a message of our times, I’m still getting it all…. i am answer to a need if i witness it, what ?! I can’t play You God. You play thru me?


Why didn’t You say

last night?

You did?….

and I didnt?…

is why the seas’re fulla of salt

tears o’


begging that- i not turn away You in me, can

do what i never done before

being Answer to someone


The answer to someone’s prayer that

You & I, can / do/ that extra


That extra mile, you an’ I

you in me


my Tehfilla is prayers from where we began, into Tomorrow


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