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Thankyou for being here.

We trust you will find some words or images you can resonate with. Years ago when someone first introduced me to blogging, I said it sounded like a Cave with an open sesame password. It sounded fun and dangerous and deep. It could be dark, it could be a light you carried in with you, or you walked with some. Blogging has proved to be all that and more. I started out with three other blogs that separately hosted verse, words, and one with a few letters to my kids. Noel (Jeff) and I have 3 insanely precious children now growing into their own dimensions.

When I began there was this urge to write; but living a life as mom and wife and freelance writing/art… phew, it was, is a fantastic thing to do, a Juggling act. There are tough days when someone is ill but even there, and perhaps specially through those times, there’s been this journey to the Light, which is what Innerdialects is all about.

I can’t believe there’s 7billion of us on an earth spinning around the sun as if that were a normal thing to; I can’t believe all of us may never meet each other and that we might share some amount of intensity here and become a kind of Friend. I can’t believe how blessed we are to read each other’s stories: some of your words have healed me, torn and lifted up spirit in ways we’ll never guess; be great to hear from you, stay blest.