• Tender tantrums of healing

    17th Jan 2020 by

    I’m fascinated at the way our human body mends, physically, emotionally, socially… It takes tiny baby steps, and It may not even look like a mending. Have you ever darned? Y’know, stitched? I’ve watched my Ma do that, her tiny needle sashaying across a tear in the fabric. She’d turn it over and go again… Read more

  • Lyrics & Life

    23rd Jan 2020 by

    Healing Rain let It fall, let It whisper Its secrets, it’s time, Let it scour the rust, of the ashes of dust you & I…

  • That Once

    20th Jan 2020 by

    Original oil, RN. Sold. …. He did not reply, but in the Stillness, all else was hushed: that One time was enough, enough for me to know the Power of His Stillness.

  • Co-incidence?

    16th Jan 2020 by

    Uncanny: last year we were at this 👆 place like at this👇 photograph, courtesy Rochelle Wisoff- Fields, Friday Fictioneers. Thankyou! I needed a Reminder… 2019, early summer. The bio-dome hosted hundreds of butterfly …our 18 year old blind Joh was at peace, no aggression. We weren’t worrying about the things he couldn’t see, just grateful… Read more

  • Wednesday Wondergirl

    15th Jan 2020 by

    She will be 20 in less than a week, loves high heels, and cooking, oh purple soft toy unicorns….my little girl has grown into a caring sensitive funloving young woman with a heart for social work(majoring in it). She showed me this sketch of hers, titled: Mending. Has she had some rough teen years? Yes.… Read more

  • This weeks smile!

    14th Jan 2020 by

    Joy in the morning Today I woke up with an absence of pain in the area they call heart. As I write this Joh gives me another smile, but wider. I’m fumbly with wonder. It’s been a long year of post seizure med reactions erggghhh! There were days we couldn’t even pray or smile. This… Read more

  • Saturday's child.

    12th Jan 2020 by

    His name was Dhru*; he loved the ‘roaring’ bit. Dhru must be at least ten years old today, when we did “Everybody is differently beautiful”, he must’ve been 7? To think he couldn’t see his costume, had no clue what a lion’s mane was like, or even heard it roar, what a sport Dhru was.… Read more

  • Word of the Decade!

    7th Jan 2020 by

    Has one Word stood out for you among billion billion others this past decade? Heavens… which would I have picked? The American Dialect Society* picks T H E Y: a gender neutral pronoun. The ADS* has been compiling Words of the Year, the past 30 years; Chairperson, Ben Zimmer: ‘When a basic part of speech… Read more

  • Autumn Blush!

    5th Jan 2020 by

    He made me cry with this one: We thought about Title, I said “Reflections“, seeing I’m supposed to be the family poet. He gets me my mug of hot drink and sits next to me with, “What’s that?” I tell him we need a title before packing up this beauty and he (Jeff) says, ‘Autumn… Read more

  • 21 conclusions that renew me:

    3rd Jan 2020 by

    These past months I’ve come to a few (21!)conclusions that renew me; warning though…long post. Appreciating people is a craft all its own: it breaks barriers in Invisibility & Understanding of human co-existence. (You being here with comment, follow, share: made blogging a truly creative experience for me. My best liked Post was this here,… Read more

  • 2030 …

    1st Jan 2020 by

    Typo! Though it gets me asking: what will it be like, a decade down? This morning early at nearby Lake with fam and a few friends after midnight candles and chatty sleepover, January felt chilly brrrrr 8 am, it was cloudy sun, What will the next 365… 366 days hold as we do a leap… Read more

  • New Years Tag

    31st Dec 2019 by

    Thank you so much  Matt Kohrell  for creating this tag here, and Pooja G for the amazing personality you are in blogosphere. Hey tags can be used well I’m sure, and this is such an inter-person-connective way to end the year. We have a few hours left, but if you’d like 1: Share a link back to… Read more

  • Angel unawares

    30th Dec 2019 by

    She found us on a railway platform, Bangalore East; was fascinated by our daughter’s phone and finger ring. Then she wouldn’t leave us; half hour later I was curious to see her family, was she alone? Were there more pretty eyes like hers, gold amber, dark with long lashes…. You could get trapped between tears… Read more

  • Little chapel in Monmouthshire

    30th Dec 2019 by

    Do you have a happy place? A place you return to now and again sometimes for no reason, or when you do have a reason. I have a few like I’m certain you do. This one below is almost exactly like the one I went to, eons ago, on a hill next to a forsaken lighthouse.

  • Music of a silence

    29th Dec 2019 by

    The pregnancy of Joy, Expectation, the Power of Hope, It swelled and stayed, It could not go away, unless Unless I asked It to leave- Even then I could not forget It. Not even in Its Silence.

  • Gratitude 2019

    29th Dec 2019 by

    It gathers me, these Leaves of days in a year of prayers that changed even me, Abba Father, thankyou.

  • Stepping into these last few days of 2019

    28th Dec 2019 by

    I’m excited, like in moments before you unwrap a gift. It is easier now to remember the good things not the bad. Hope is poised like buds waiting, tiny perked blossom. Promise cards/calendars read,”From this day I will bless you…” it started with Thanksgiving month. Every day feels closer to dawn, I want to lean… Read more

  • Unafraid

    27th Dec 2019 by

    Never be afraid, even of the Light. It isn’t what we know. It puts the Dark to flight:

  • Ring of fire

    26th Dec 2019 by

    Beautiful terrible ring in the sky, I spy you through a glass darkly, among other things I do not understand but grasp at.

  • What Child is This?

    25th Dec 2019 by

    Today at our little church overlooking gulmohar trees and a blue December sky, the question was asked,“What does Jesus mean to you?” I don’t like Q&As; we could be judged in these sessions, but this morning here there are people in their teens and twenties and the few of us other gen. humans. They are… Read more

  • Be that Star

    25th Dec 2019 by

    A Christmas Prayer: “Let me be that Star, Let Your Life blaze through my inadequacy, Gaze thru’ my shadows with Compassion, with forgiveness and the kind of tender mercy You’ve stood for, Oh Gentle Saviour, arrest my blindness with Your freedom to be who I was made to be, in the Light of your power.… Read more

  • Alchemy!

    24th Dec 2019 by

    The Alchemists Studio hosts this Beauty in blue – blue, the colour of our global roof, the essence of emotion, a Jar of heaven that turns tears to the Dew it returns, every morning. I’d call it ‘Tears of heaven…?’ The Alchemist :”From our tears spring the life giving dew that nourishes life!I hope you… Read more

  • Joseph's lost head & that Other fantastic Noel!

    23rd Dec 2019 by

    We took them out one by one. Joseph has lost his little clay head and there’s no time to fix him back so I cover his torso with a tiny cane head piece. Can you spot Joseph? Our son Johann is blind and yes he put out each figure like last Christmas, but this time,… Read more

  • House with roof in the floor

    21st Dec 2019 by

    Once upon a time there was this one roomed house with a thatched roof, and it was a nice house to a nice couple. They were happy people with enough peace and joy to go around this season and the next. Farmer Jose and wife grew potatoes and onions, they were not rich they were… Read more

  • I said a prayer for you today

    21st Dec 2019 by

    I prayed that you would be given the gift of sight, but God in His mercy allowed me to see His Light all around you. Now I ask that you my child will pray too, this prayer for others: that thru’ your journey via the valley of shadows, you will leave footprints that lead another… Read more

  • Street prayers

    20th Dec 2019 by

    Great perils have this beauty, that they bring to light the fraternity of strangers.  – Victor Hugo. I called this one Street Prayers after a recent Haiku Jam starter, “Corner of the Street,” but maybe it was inspired by a visit few evenings ago, a visit by a little face in a shop window. The face… Read more

  • Have you seen someone inhale music thru' their ears…

    16th Dec 2019 by

    My Jeff (Noel – no one else would put up with my messy paint tubes and books in corners and centre stage of my life), when he listens to music it’s like he’s breathing it in via ear phones. I’ve not seen someone savour music the way he does; it’s his profession (Sound) yet him… Read more

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