• Breakfast in the dark

    21st Mar 2023 by

    we are at a holiday farm few miles out of Bangalore. He is not at his best on trips: shoes are out of place for him, his fav sheet, his mug, and plate…uh uh. Change is necessary for Joh. It helps him adapt to the new. It gets him to make friends with difficulty; you… Read more

  • Supernatural emotions

    20th Mar 2023 by

    be arrested. as a weaned child, rest your head on the beach between this & the eternal. measure how deep we go… back to when we saw our first sun rise, a mother smile, a father breathe his last breath. where does sadness exit, or soul. or my child’s tears when I touch him, or… Read more

  • Fantastically torn pages

    19th Mar 2023 by

    We are each other’s story wrapped in tangles; edgeless momentoes of each other. We are fragments of stars and streams & oaks running ‘neath trees planted by torrents of living Waters… pic : pickled stardust, unsplash we are songs broken every day, as at dawn. We are wars. We are Seekers of Light, in the… Read more

  • Bookie!

    16th Mar 2023 by

    Thank you D’verse for provoking Prompt : Place & Space Last week a local Book Store took me back to the first library I ever met. Dad insisted it wasn’t haunted, the local Doc said it was! I was five and deeply interested in everything, esp the smoking lady ghost they said visited the Bungalow’s… Read more

  • Airpoet Sunset (love that typo:)

    15th Mar 2023 by

    My pics don’t half capture what we saw two evenings ago at our Kempegowda sky. With zero city silhouettes, no trees, just this blaze of light we’ve all seen before, but this one ruled! It had been a long day, we were hoping for a spot of coffee & chat. But time runs: you don’t… Read more

  • We hurt my eyes

    14th Mar 2023 by

    we, ripe with hunger we bare stories of need in our skins ~ yesterday I saw a woman stooped over another in wheel chair & their million velvet wrinkles; yesterday I saw a girl pouting for the camera of her young man in worn out sandals in a dusk burnt with fire. We hurt my… Read more

  • “Rest”

    12th Mar 2023 by

    The Whisper attends my grave yard like a Helper, A Server…can this all be? He sows my wilderness with a Vineyard

  • To Dance with the Fabulous Unseen

    11th Mar 2023 by

    In response to the Five minute Friday’s “Choose“ Light. Shining. Via our son’s blindness? This is not what we yelled for at altars. This is not what we asked … the Almighty, and when He never answered we sulked hard at the unanswered prayer. This dawn am staring at how I’ve misunderstood the Act of… Read more

  • Vine Whisperer

    10th Mar 2023 by

    I am naked, stripped of the bark of Fear ~ then the Sacred Whisper draws me into a Cluster of ripe Bloodtears-Crushed for Fragrance. Vineyard of Healing. Oil.RN ‘Rise, Beloved’ Oil series for “Asha-journey of Hope”. RN “Healed by a Wound”. Oil, RN “Rest.” pastel. RN

  • Super Power (tears for Peace)

    5th Mar 2023 by

    I’ve received hate, evil, disaster, discrimination, cruelty but with Compassion … one is startled into a new order of things. Call it Love, Grace, unmerited favor.… It breaks me out of old mental patterns into New. It ruins Ruins, breathing Life into Carcasses of Joy. Compassion weeps Fire in the ashes of our tears for… Read more

  • Can a tiny molecule of Care provoke Change ?

    1st Mar 2023 by

    She was at least six months pregnant; her other child seen here, looked up at us with vacant eyes. The woman’s pale face brightened; in minutes every container of food we gave them was ripped open as they ate till their wrists were messy. I couldn’t sleep that night. The first time we saw this… Read more

  • held by What Holds on

    16th Feb 2023 by

    dew drop in our balcony: every morning it is there, and often I drink it in. Every sip is pure oxygen and some. Words dodge me, like prayers already prayed, like Answers answered. The human heart must learn to rest, to kiss Peace no matter the odds. Ach my sweet, drink heaven: graze the stars.… Read more

  • 2023, Year of the InnerSpring!

    5th Jan 2023 by

    No ‘water rabbits‘ for me: no horror-scope stars can tell me what I already am: uh, that’s all of us really: created for Purpose. Sure, life’s not always a nice garden fulla rose, but there’s a thing within the heart of every man woman and child: …an Unshakeable Kingdom esp when we’re afraid. It is… Read more

  • “45 minutes to live”

    23rd Dec 2022 by

    Looking back over the past week, I am overwhelmed by the good! 2 different Emergency Rooms, 2 racing ambulances – a laser-eyed Cardiologist that made me feel my precious husband was his brother, ‘3 death defying blocks’ in a man who is not any kind of candidate for a heart attack. “His heart, all…in great… Read more

  • Why, Twitch?!

    15th Dec 2022 by

    Suicide is a deadly option, but those who’ve been to its edge, say that it just simple plain & total, takes over. This smiling happy face, Twitch has been our family favorite. Anyone who can move like that, in pure honest-to- goodness joy, is a masterpiece. This Story will go on a bit before Media… Read more

  • Fire dance

    14th Dec 2022 by

    WordPress Daily Prompt: have you ever performed on stage or given a speech Yes, I have performed even my Tefillah* on stage & ones in streets & inside my teeth. Ma would weep. For me praying used to be racing sandslopes to where the sun was still in grey waters waiting to give me gold:… Read more

  • Coincidence of miracles?

    13th Dec 2022 by

    every dawn she reaches clay arms to the Light pouring in via chips tears cracks It is disobedient to her death, It strips her nakedness. “You’re a wasteland, a nothing, ” they had said. But the Light disobeys Lies. It reverses rape of the human mind. These are her morning routines.

  • Prayer of a Rebel

    4th Dec 2022 by

    Why d’You persecute me with Your Beauty my God, my God. I’d gotten used to the stench; the animal cries of beastly things, of foul crime and oh the dung of vice, but You birthed o’er and o’er, in my manger heart, never abort Your Pursuit of me Why D’You love me, Jesus? – Earth… Read more

  • Aroma of Light

    3rd Dec 2022 by

    fragrance of a new day; stars leave, am staring at Light, how it is never held except.. to grow trees…life. I go back out where I see the aroma of Light. Oil. ESSENCE. RN

  • Sweet-Saint-homeless

    30th Nov 2022 by

    An Indignity. Anything said here may sound cliche; but I have to get this off my heart-bones. She was grey, HIV+ and homeless. I got details, I asked ! it was 7 pm in the sidewalk off Just Bakes. She began to smile, and the thing (smile) threatened towards a friendship. I backed a few… Read more


    12th Nov 2022 by

    This was written / performed for Fundraiser – Kids with Cancer, Bangalore Baptist Hospital; inspired by our precious son recovering from more challenges than he deserves, but “God Who Sees..” has a sacred agenda in all these details. Grateful for family, friends, neighbors, physicians, prayerers: you are treasure, in the Ministry of Comfort.

  • Be Loved

    12th Jul 2022 by

    I never recover from His Love. His dynamic Life bleeding into humanity. The Cross never stopped healing: we might stop receiving, but He never stops. This Triune One, beyond belief, pursuing us with a bloodied whisper, ‘Be loved. Be Loved.’

  • That moment you’re aware you’re being watched

    27th Jun 2022 by

    …that He is aware of you. He knows you by name. There is nothing that can shake away that moment. The Creator creates it, designer made for you. You look up to see Him gazing down at you. There’s no need of the sun, there’s nothing under the earth. Everything you knew pales in the… Read more

  • SEAHORSE, my friend

    27th Jun 2022 by

    He was real, I was young enough to love him for what he was, a real sea creature in the early waves, Bay of Bengal. Through the years, he has followed me, city after city, lane after lane, along with a certain “Harrison” Aussy Life Saver/priest who took me to the Shoulder of a wave.… Read more

  • Ah, June.

    1st Jun 2022 by

    Break bronze, level mountains, un-crook crooking pathways… You blossom today like a sudden Lily, Yeah, be yours’ with the roots of the cedars of Lebanon. Search out for me, Treasures from the heart of Him who pursues darkness June, speak Life..Bulbs of fragrance, olive shoots running down your arms, into the hours of your 30.… Read more

  • Dew Fall

    28th May 2022 by

    …on our blinds, our mind – shuttered. on our veils, our vales of shadows – sparkle our dust with the Life of Your Light, Fall, Dew, fall.

  • Heal

    27th May 2022 by

    when we do, we will be changed, These days there are no words enough. We will heal when we heal; we will die and birth either hate or more love: the kind that is conceived in days like these when our children kill our children. What state is that? Words fail. We sit in the… Read more

  • ‘The Cokeville Miracle’

    22nd May 2022 by

    True life stories have a way of leaving you staring as movie credits scroll down your Living room: after you get a glass of cool water, you re- live some of the scenes you just watched, then get back in current reality, a little re- arranged. This Movie had that effect on me/ us. I… Read more

  • The Boy With No Name

    22nd May 2022 by

    Happened in a few minutes, this one’s script, but the Time lapse + putting together, ah’m! For actual kids and those with heart for the Unseen. Watch time – 9 mins., and special sound delivery 👉🏼 “Appey- man*” (line loan, Johann😀) *fruit seller ‘Apple’

  • “No, blood does not matter anymore”

    21st May 2022 by

    We have had tea together a thousand times in these cane chairs facing her curry leaf tree and windows hung with old silk curtains. Sia is a good woman with friends and folks who love her; why wouldn’t they, she is not just strikingly entertaining, she is one of the loveliest persons I have ever… Read more

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