• No, not inside!

    29th Mar 2020 by

    My daughter took this pic of me the day before her 25th bday Oct2019. Now its all changed so fast. Did you even know we’d miss our little easy trips in a time when there were no ‘untouchable surfaces’? We grew from ponytails and little shirts to grown up wear & tear. We learned to… Read more

  • Last night we watched this little guy…

    29th Mar 2020 by

    …and had the feeling we’d seen him over and over in places around. Take a look. A million things go through the mind as Eye receives images of this tiny creature’s liquid bones in the confines of that tube…. playing solitaire, 😃 but more! He’s hoarding……! Think we’re the only ones who think so? Nah… Read more

  • What you see, sees you

    28th Mar 2020 by

    Streets, people, trees, blossoms, faces, places, time, family, What you see, sees you- quieting thought that I can effect change, mood, laughter, peace…I am the music of my words, the harbinger of joy, yeah I can re arrange the furniture, heal, reveal a Well Spring of things and streams you & I own deep within,… Read more

  • Isolation Angels.

    27th Mar 2020 by

    I can’t thank life enough for Fellow Angel Bloggers who’s incredible posts keep me believing that this is still the world we knew before ‘Rona virals!! Purple Ray’s ‘Isolation Angel’, + verse here simply had to be shared for its sweet sheer brilliant reminder that we are never alone. Thank you! too Dave of Phoblography… Read more

  • You are your own brand!

    26th Mar 2020 by

    This Post is for anyone celebrating their birthday today, (and everyone else) I have this urge to celebrate you, and offer a tiny prayer too from my son who’s incredible gift is prayer. If you’ve been following posts you’ll know he’s not just blind but recovering from a series of disturbing issues, but this isn’t… Read more

  • Touched

    25th Mar 2020 by

    by what held us all these years: I’m touched, by the power within us that is greater than fear, touched by how new leaf and bud appear, relentless of germs & sickness, they pout at my quick disbelief of personal endurance, Touched, where I am rinsed by storms of cleansing…. I believe you and I… Read more

  • Today is a Gift only you can unwrap

    23rd Mar 2020 by

    ..a designer Key to unlock gates of iron: Today is that Gift we asked for: tiny seconds tripping together, they warned last night of Dawn, and here we are, 24 hours closer to answers we task for; Today is a Gift of colours we mayn’t notice in sill and (coffee?) swirls, in each others’ eyes,… Read more

  • I take my fear and sit on it or kneel it to hell and pray!

    23rd Mar 2020 by

    Last month I wanted to look closer at this legendary masterpiece of Auguste Rodin’s, and found that it was a Type of Dante’s Poem, gazing at the portals of hell…. am I wrong? There wasn’t time to dive deeper into that, we’ve all been flung a little further in at a new kind of emo/physical… Read more

  • Walk Tall into Tomorrow

    21st Mar 2020 by

    This one is for the loved ones and those who have succumbed, or might, to Covid & other reasons humans and nations do not always thrive, & too, for those of us who die a thousand deaths in lives that could be be lived out strong, those for whom Love loses Its Light with eye… Read more

  • Friends contribute.

    20th Mar 2020 by

    I just received from the Netherlands, a poem ‘Written v.appropriately; like to share it with you…’, forwarded by my dearest friend and cousin sis. We were The Twins when we were little, as in school- little girls. I wore pig tails, she wore a mop. She was fun and gorgeous, a Beauty with brains, she… Read more

  • ‘What you see outside your window..’

    19th Mar 2020 by

    So, no random wheeling around my city. No touching other Humans, Malls, or Theater, stay in! I’m basically a hermit, but when asked NOT to go out, ah the urge – the urge to watch sunset from anyplace else but here. And where are we these days: an entire globe @home? My own window fills… Read more

  • This too shall pass.

    16th Mar 2020 by

    The Story of King Solomon’s Gold Ring. One day Solomon decided to humble Benaiah ben Yehoyada, his most trusted minister. He said to him, “Benaiah, there is a certain ring that I want you to bring to me. I wish to wear it for Sukkot which gives you six months to find it.” “If it… Read more

  • Courtesy of the Cross

    14th Mar 2020 by

    I haven’t understood this – as much as I have during this past year: I’ve bitten into Its wood, Its Bleed. Its brutal honesty. How do I identify with It’s utter ‘Insanity‘.. Why did the Christ do what He did, how does It help Humans? When you break thresholds of pain, there is no pretence:… Read more

  • Less is more

    14th Mar 2020 by

    ‘Really.’ I said, feeling nothing at all. His words were kind, minimal. ‘Yes, we are restless as a race. So.’ So, we needed a break, but not to be broken, right? The young Padre smiles, like an old man. He’s seen too much, I guess as he blinks back tears. ‘Sometimes suffering makes us feel… Read more

  • Sing, Soul

    13th Mar 2020 by

    …shout leave, unhinge your dis- ease, this body is a gift wrap, a heartbeat, a wrist full of pulse, a human cage for all we don’t know. Oh soul soul, I have done Life, done Time, cultured all my viral bacteria, my bones and salt tears, my human gardens of hate, oh I wasted wealth… Read more

  • Stranger than fiction

    12th Mar 2020 by

    Thankyou Rochellewisoff @ Friday Fictioneers for this inspiring space every week. Photo Prompt @Ceayr IS LIFE STRANGER THAN FICTION: It is reverse in my dream: earth fills the tap, that bench holding shadows? Nah, shadows hold all; the sky is floor, the earth her roof. When I awake, I am in my skin, no longer… Read more

  • Corona-Whisperer

    12th Mar 2020 by

    We need a Corona- Whisperer, and we need one now: like the fierce Santur Pills our soft voiced aunt had in thumb-sized steel box: bitter herb that scared whooping cough, sneezes, hiccups… tiny round terrors that could cure malingering children of tummy ache before school. Ma just whispering, ‘Sant,’ could bring instant relief… our Santur… Read more

  • The $120 million Scream

    10th Mar 2020 by

    Let me say it out loud, not just because I’m artistically inclined: Art is the Journal of our Times, the Colour of our Decibel: in an environment that might seem to be growing steadily deaf to human existential need, or isn’t it? TOI smashed it with above version of the world’s 2nd most famous painting… Read more

  • Positively Shameless

    9th Mar 2020 by

    Just got this beauty (Pl check details below) from my very talented friend Shilpa W., also performing; if you’re in Bangalore or planning to, do not miss it. (Description*). My guess is, it’s going to be intense, tight scripted with merciless precision to details that must exclude kiddie viewership, though- it just might involve kiddie… Read more

  • To all the women I’ve ever met

    8th Mar 2020 by

    ..the darling sweetheart angel warrior-dare devil- soul saver- doctor teachers of my life, to my fabulous sisters at war and love and peace, my sisters – in- love & law, my irreplaceable gorgeous daughters/ precious nieces & friends of my kids who are my babies too; my awesome aunts, neighbours, friends, fantastic fellow Artists, Writers,… Read more

  • When Panic is an Epidemic.

    8th Mar 2020 by

    For Go Dog Go Cafè Writers Masi Kuma rang our door bell, 20 minutes before the 2001 earthquake in the neighbouring State of Gujarat rocked our 5 storeyed apartment building in Mumbai, India. I lugged both our little ones down three flights of stair case, to the one wide-open window over first floor landing. It… Read more

  • Table for …ten?

    7th Mar 2020 by

    For FMF Writers. ‘Table”. Our table seems to expand with every new person. I don’t know how they did it back then, we now are more conservative a Society. (Conservative as in : conserving on personal space/ sharing). We buffet, we carry bag/ take home. We have little side-table, collapsible ones too, with flaps down… Read more

  • Finding our Edge

    5th Mar 2020 by

    “How many sides does a coin have?” I ask eight blind kids in their Creativity room. 7 of them are quiet. There is shyness, diffidence, anxiety in the room. One little girl twists her ribbon to knots. Then there’s Varun (name changed), always in trouble for speaking his mind, for being local ‘Complaint box‘ and… Read more

  • Flavour of the month

    2nd Mar 2020 by

    GoDogGoCafè If you zoom in, you’ll see those Lotus low left in tiny pond at Cubbon Park here in Bangalore city. India. Warm warm day, 28 degrees already!– lunch and ice cream in the shade. Too much fun to take pictures, but we got a few. March always feels like sunshine warming herself up from… Read more

  • Before I could exhale…

    1st Mar 2020 by

    His eyes were closed- ofcourse, what’d I expect, Joh was born blind, though Doc Parin (name changed) was looking at him, as if with a search light right to the brain. Then he scrutinised us carefully in that quiet room with nice vase and air conditioning. Warm August, palm tree in his window, fine scent… Read more

  • Polished Arrow

    29th Feb 2020 by

    You been saying – “Why d’you turn away from me, d’you even know I’m here? Not a whisper in my direction. Our intense relationship seems to be one way God- I can even hear You breathe as if I were being carried in Your shoulder, but d’You even look at me ?” Our human structures… Read more

  • Where I saw you

    27th Feb 2020 by

    We were all there: Alice of Wonder, you, me, even a Cat… …us, behind a glass Wall, suddenly we were the audience, one body reaching to the Thing : we peered through darkness from parched fires in our eye, smoking ash of our soul. The Thing breathed Life.. nothing dared It’s route. What are you… Read more

  • @ Sea with B.Harry

    25th Feb 2020 by

    Thankyou Kate Motaung for triggering a revisit to my 7 year old self, in a place I loved and was terrified of: the Sea. Here I got something I’ll never let go of: how to ride a giant wave! Age 7 is a tricky sweet dangerous age to utterly trust a stranger, in a spot… Read more

  • Global Bowl

    24th Feb 2020 by

    Go Dog Go Cafè This photograph ‘Homeless woman‘, from Helen Cherry’s stunning Blog gazed at me all yesterday through Sunday dinner and warm sheets and bed; through our roof in pre-dawn mist and warm breakfast this morning. I can’t get her out of my hair. Her and the billions of Us, asking, asking, asking Questions… Read more

  • Slaying Giants

    23rd Feb 2020 by

    “THE MORE YOU REACH OUT TO OTHER PEOPLE WITH NEEDS, THE SMALLER YOUR FEARS BECOME.” Dr. David Jeremiah in his ‘The Christian Walk Journal’. It’s a daily devotional; got it as a gift this year. (Not much else I treasure like a good Diary). From my Journal this morning; and it went in my spirit… Read more

  • A Planet full of Pile

    22nd Feb 2020 by

    I saw this Photograph in DAVE’s brilliant Blog PHOBLOGRAPHY , and it drew me right in! Thank you so much for the inspiration your work always brings. How many footprints are we, how many miles, how many stories writ or half made, waiting, stalled, how many lanes are we, bylane – gullies, routes, detours: how… Read more

  • ‘Sought out, not forsaken’*

    20th Feb 2020 by

    “Almost 20,000 women & children were victims of human trafficking in India 2016, a rise in 25% ….” pg145, ASHA-Journey of Hope* : Quote from new Release by Biblica Inc. & people who really care beyond the details of getting out a ‘Book’: these Pages have broken my heart and healed me in ways I… Read more

  • Family Secrets

    19th Feb 2020 by

    Thankyou Kate Motuang for mailing me this fantastic Five minute Friday link. Your word this time is Experience, I write 5 min flat, here goes: Family Secrets I admit of late, (with not much prior experience to saying such a thing), I now like the thing, I like cooking. Not a twinge in my bones… Read more

  • The Outcaste’s Prayer

    19th Feb 2020 by

    Here there is no one else, here there are no words, none but Yours- falling in my ears, like a Prayer : I have never heard You pray before, I have never heard You pray over me: Words that breathe life over my ash. This I could not have believed, that God would pray o’er… Read more

  • Meet Lorraine

    18th Feb 2020 by

    Before the sun sets today I need to repost from Lorraine’s Blog: Blindzanygirl Oh thrilled to have found a favourite happy place in my own world of shadows and valleys of doubt. Here I find not just beauty and reality but a peace that comes from knowing we are pilgrims in an earth that will… Read more

  • Set me as a seal over Your heart.*

    18th Feb 2020 by

    Its been released! Asha– Journey of Hope, featuring my Cover and 8 paintings along with others’, in a slim back gorgeous Book that anyone anywhere might be intrigued by… If you’ve ever been there, in the throes of trauma, you’ll feel this. The Paintings are perhaps personal windows, illustrating soul stirring Bible study Leads on… Read more

  • No Place like Love

    17th Feb 2020 by

    We meet Mangula* in a little town outside Bangalore….where exactly is she from? Half Kannada, Telugu, Tamil…she doesn’t know. How many people groups are we in this busy Peninsula India? At least 70, I hear . I get permission to tell her story, take her picture. Mangula is thrilled, unashamed, why should she be? She’s… Read more

  • The Naked Prayer

    12th Feb 2020 by

    That Impossible thing you do relying on your ‘nth sense alone. I’ve been fascinated long enough with Michelangelo’s 15 ft marble masterpiece David, to take a good read on material I could get, and look what I found: along with some Questions, some Answers & an impossibly naked prayer….“** Michelangelo sculpts his David as before… Read more

  • Coronavirus…?

    5th Feb 2020 by

    The past five days we have been a cantata of sneezes: are we/ aren’t we with …corona- what ?! Headlines continue to scare with one kind of baddie or the other. The choice we have is to erase some new news for the memo of something good. (Info on the Virus link here). So, we… Read more

  • The Dangerous Love of God

    3rd Feb 2020 by

    His embrace will not just hold you, It holds all men and friend and foe, whoa, what’d I think His Comfort was… sweet cuddly Bear arm, warm with Paternity? His Comfort Zone is more than I dare dream… ach! It’s in the Slap of the storm, in the Sap of the thorn, Haha, I wasn’t… Read more

  • I could’ve ‘planted 244 trees last year’…?

    30th Jan 2020 by

    I’m not a morning newspaper person, but today’s header> ‘TomTom Traffic Index Special declaring our city Bangalore as with highest traffic congestion, globally…’ <got me gagging! ‘B’luru‘ is (if you’re looking at attached pic), the abbreviation of my renamed city ‘Bengaluru’, the renaming of which made our Traditional Linguists feel better about everyday conversations and… Read more

  • Tears of heaven

    29th Jan 2020 by

    …they fall most not when we sin, but when we repent… what can compete with the perfection of a repentant heart… ….

  • No Redemption

    29th Jan 2020 by

    As I post this, there’s just 2 more days for four of India’s most brutal rapists to meet their gallows. They apparently are saying they don’t want to die; it’s been harsh years for them in prison, but after a long drawn out judicial process, the hammer finally fell. Feb 1, these 4 will take… Read more

  • If you perish, I do too…

    28th Jan 2020 by

    And what good would it do for me to be without your peace? What joy, if only my bones heal, or my fields are freed from fires and my rooms sealed warm with Light and Life eternal, but we care nothing for each other… … (Inspired by Esther’s Prayer)

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