• Till

    14th Jul 2020 by

    Till the sun goes down, another day. May it bless to bless. Ceaseless in Grace; the race is not to the swiftest, the test is endurance. The best of us are those who love. The best even celebrate suffering. Often alone. And most with God. For He lets the sun rise again…

  • What happens when people pray

    13th Jul 2020 by

    The day my mother walked out of her skin, she breathed once twice then her hand in mine grew cold, that day Eternity walked close in my narrow space. Was it co-incidence that rays streamed from a room ventilator to where she lay, her last breath so unlike death? I wanted to grieve, but light… Read more

  • It is time

    9th Jul 2020 by

    To hold on to the good in us. To remember mercies and love. And faithfulness. It’s that time to practice peace. And pray like we believe prayer works. It does. Everytime we healed, someone prayed. Everytime our heart of stone melted, it was someone praying. Someone changing the stone of us into a pleasant pasture.… Read more

  • New every morning

    8th Jul 2020 by

    Refresh my soul, let the doors of you, open to Peace. Let everything within breathe Grace. May our mind lean on Him whose mercies never fail, they are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness. Greater than all my bounteous lack. His power in my weakness, oh the fact of that. Not I but Christ… Read more

  • Earth Buds.

    3rd Jul 2020 by

    To all new moms and babes unborn To the new dads and pulse of pitter-patter running thru’ your heart already. To spaces in you owned by scans in your lives, in these uncertain days, ah the joy of that beat-beat-beat in the wombs of life, *** In the swelling toes of our Dance, in the… Read more

  • Pitch perfect Prayer for July

    2nd Jul 2020 by

    I tried to pray today, it was like going to a store and not wanting anything any more except a counter that could take requests for giving. Giving thanks. * In all the recent Mayhem and Jittery June Viral chaos, the centre of me sat down to stare at another month for all of us.… Read more

  • The language of Anji’s place

    1st Jul 2020 by

    Three rooms in all, and one for her well stocked food place; it is antique and new every morning even now with only a few sitting in. Some ask for her pickles, others pack a lunch of tomato rice, boiled eggs oh anything Anji may have. Somedays it isnt much at all. Yesterday she had… Read more

  • Compromise

    27th Jun 2020 by

    He took it and took it, then he didn’t. The last time we met he showed us his telescope with Saturn rings and Jupiter all in his panelled rooms with fresh flowers sometimes, and a dog named Bin. He ate sunflower seeds and loved the colour yellow. S.J was your regular above average looking superman… Read more

  • They said the world would end yesterday?

    22nd Jun 2020 by

    Never mind. Mayan calendar, Julian’s calender. Dec2012, and another earthlike planet rearing to have crashed here: though after all we’ve gone through recently, anything feels plausible! I did fervently look at sky now and then. And maybe ‘they’ were right. The world as I knew it has ended. If there’s a day left, perhaps we… Read more

  • Happy Fathers Day

    21st Jun 2020 by

    To all the dads everywhere and here: have a beautiful meaningful one. And this ones for you my very own Daddy Robert David: pics taken by my sis. ( photo below) Silly banter it went on and on. With only you I could go that way, with decades between us, you were the little brother… Read more

  • Do not weep for the wounded

    15th Jun 2020 by

    but look to the Wounder, how low he falls. My brother who died at the feet of evil? Everyday his children rise stronger strong; *** but that one with hell as his mentor: weep for how he was low, so low. My slain brother lives tall eachday, his children rise, watched by the heav’ns of… Read more

  • Where now?

    13th Jun 2020 by

    Just park. Lay your handles in the wall, stay in. It’s not impossible to do. It’s the way it is now. How do we do this: The park and Lizac stores, they’re half open. Garim Mall and Ooga’s kitchen, Lily House plants and Maya’s Stop for groceries, they’re all there. No one’s left. They’re quiet.… Read more

  • My daughter a grandmother at 20!

    12th Jun 2020 by

    Yes, our second daughter. Sits stunned Cross legged in bed, her entire person shocked, electrified; every ten minutes she goes,”Ma, how do I come to terms with this?” We’re stunned too. Ivory, our daughter’s daughter hadn’t shown. Last week when we met at the gate, her shaggy white ears and tail all waggly with joy,… Read more

  • Don’t go..

    6th Jun 2020 by

    Innocence, Joy, Laughter, Honesty, Gentleness, Strength, Peace,Love all these, stay. Don’t go. Please

  • “Heart sick…yet hopeful..”

    4th Jun 2020 by

    I had to haul in šŸ‘†above title and a quote below from Frank Bruni (of New York Times) article that stopped me mid-sentence in my random thoughts on the world at large. “…. inĀ a lovely articleĀ that connected acts of kindness during the Spanish flu of 1918 to acts of kindness during the current coronavirus pandemic,… Read more

  • June already 2 days old?

    2nd Jun 2020 by

    Warm sun and monsoon swaying in, last year this day what were we doing? Taking a road trip was easy, I remember even accepting a job at an Art Centre earlier last year, what a ride it’s been. It is quiet, have you watched a quiet India? Ever? Streets thick with discipline? People sanitised/masked? You… Read more

  • The Tipping Point

    2nd Jun 2020 by

    I just watched Trevor Noah on the recent horrific Floyd killing/ aftermath: and what struck me deep as I moved away from his ‘tipping point & domino effect’ is that this is not just one isolated piece of reactivity or discrimination. This is the whole of Humanity reaching a ‘Tipping Point’ in a variety of… Read more

  • I could’ve been another person

    1st Jun 2020 by

    This is first hand from my mother who was there: I had just been born ‘normally’ but here was the thing. I was a third daughter, and one of our older relatives wasn’t happy. That aside… …. the nurses weren’t happy for my Ma, and they were about to fix it. My mother heard them… Read more

  • ‘Do not let your Blog post be your Journal…?’

    29th May 2020 by

    We had an anniversary, a triple cake treat by the kids, renewed vows solemnized again by our 3 who said they missed being there…. There was food like I’ve never cooked, (courtesy Kitsys Culinaries!) rings bought with their little earnings, gifts of card and music, prayers, photographs were taken; I’m here thinking again on Blog… Read more

  • Essential delights

    28th May 2020 by

    At the Home, after the last bell rang and the kids clattered down the two or one flight of stairs, their Taylor Frame Slates & cane in place …(you should watch a blind kid run down stairs!) they served red rice with coconut chutney and bitter gourd fried. It was the tastiest thing I’ve ever… Read more

  • What is man….

    25th May 2020 by

    Last night as my eldest daughter Vi and I sat talking into the early hours of today, there was this sense of human fragility, of an earth spinning in space, of recent global panic & the puny state of everyday living as we know it. This morning was woken with a strong sense of God’s… Read more

  • Cara’s house

    24th May 2020 by

    It has leaves coming out of an older room she doesn’t use anymore, by the gate; lush green and crimson leaf falling with noon light. I stop myself from staring: have always loved natural unmanicured gardens. This one’s it. After lunch she asks if we’ll have tea. Cara lives alone with a few paying guests… Read more

  • More than one way to go forward

    23rd May 2020 by

    Little Anish, a tiny 9 year old autistic boy I met in the art room of his school…. well he’d walk backwards to go forward. What the idea was I’ll never know but Anish did well to keep his eyes on us, and back into the sun. What lessons are in this one I can… Read more

  • Supersonic Ka-Boom!

    21st May 2020 by

    I’m with ears pinned back, my high frequency senses free-falling: yesterday this time it* went through parts of Bangalore city, it rattled panes, shook houses; 10+ hours earlier they heard it in Canberra…. a ‘*Supersonic Boom that our Ground & Air forces here in India are puzzled at. It felt like an earthquake in the… Read more

  • One dawn @ a time

    21st May 2020 by

    Every dawn it’s own beauty, not yesterdays’ story not tomorrows. Just for today, I rise, breathe in deep. Each dawn it’s own power to hold till dusk. I must too, like it- rise, refract Light into waiting moments.

  • Pursued by Love

    20th May 2020 by

    Based on a few real people. Rani lives 5 kms away in a 2roomed apartment; her husband has the TV on all day at no nominal volume, he has a kind face that is tired with taking the kids to and from school between hours at his veg shop. One of their 4 girls is… Read more

  • After the storm

    19th May 2020 by

    The sun came out first for an hour: its thin light chilled by windy surf. We were cold cold cold in our nails and collar bones, even knuckles. It felt hard to eat anything or touch water; sands stuck 3 inches hard in roof and floor. 2 windows and front door had been pulled out… Read more

  • Normal?

    17th May 2020 by

    “What dyou mean?” She asks, her face wide with laughter and tears, a rare combination for Jassi who never cries. Apparently the people who’ve been paying her rent are stopping that now that they must care for themselves. Jassi’s been semi- dependent on her second cousins all these years with eyesight gone and a debilitating… Read more

  • I lost this … ‘Capiophobia’

    14th May 2020 by

    We had to go out, we got our permit complete with ID card. This was going to be alright I said. Jeff isnt the worrying kind so he says nothing. I hate this mask, it feels like I’m dying in it. Never mind. Once inside car, who’s going to be harmed just in case we… Read more

  • Let be, & be Still.

    14th May 2020 by

    When Haishu sang it went in you like a shaft of Light. He didnt have a big voice, he didnt do big prayers, just little pauses as if God and He negotiated things as they did chords. The whole experience was stilling. Not anything to do with any gift of Haish’s. It was his ordinariness,… Read more

  • Hold on.

    14th May 2020 by

    A beautiful thing it can be to seemy foot prints in unread sands, in places angels might dread and eagles fear…. ah that, where the Love of God leads… you got to hold on though, to that invisible Hand that made the sands…. (From conversations with my friend Eva who can teach a camel a… Read more

  • The Power of Joy

    13th May 2020 by

    the Angel will not speak literally but I get these from the Book He points at … “oh the peace that is yours and you do not know it..?” He wakes me morning by morning. And not just @ my address but an entire earth’s though some mayn’t believe what cannot be seen. Ach Joy… Read more

  • Did you hear that

    12th May 2020 by

    just another broken sound between words, like someone saying something unheard, deep within the skies of nowhere here…? was your angel singing…waiting for you to listen for you to look listen touch breathe ‘neath the surface of things ‘neath silenced words like the Voice of a Listening…. to your Unheard. P.S. This Site supports Zero… Read more

  • Not by bread alone

    11th May 2020 by

    ..but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God, we live: & may I add, we live not by bread alone but by words that proceed from our own mouths, we live/ or do not live fully….. Words have the power of life and death, they kill or heal the human spirit. But… Read more

  • Like an angel

    10th May 2020 by

    To all the mothers that bless our earth Momma, you kneeling in prayer – I remember you ~ mornings night, noon days of heart and song you in the fabric of our earth & heaven & us three lil girls, you – now a Piece of Thel & Li & me & all the children…… Read more

  • Ar-Rest-ed by Love

    9th May 2020 by

    He pauses between keys… his fingers tender o’er the notes that write my life….they rest/ arrest me; my black-white days, the touch that sustains…. I’m listening and every breath mine, every sigh is the song he sings as if he is the rhythm/ the beat of my rhyme no he refrains from letting me go/… Read more

  • A Lamp to my feet…

    8th May 2020 by

    A trick of Light maybe but Kitsy’s shoes left to sunbathe ‘3 hours’ in balcony after she went out in relaxed Lockdown hours..? Is like lit up. It was still early dusk yesterday – tough day!- when I took this photograph and it speaks to me now as Jeff and I wake to a quiet… Read more

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