12th Nov 2022 by

    This was written / performed for Fundraiser – Kids with Cancer, Bangalore Baptist Hospital; inspired by our precious son recovering from more challenges than he deserves, but “God Who Sees..” has a sacred agenda in all these details. Grateful for family, friends, neighbors, physicians, prayerers: you are treasure, in the Ministry of Comfort.


  • Be Loved

    12th Jul 2022 by

    I never recover from His Love. His dynamic Life bleeding into humanity. The Cross never stopped healing: we might stop receiving, but He never stops. This Triune One, beyond belief, pursuing us with a bloodied whisper, ‘Be loved. Be Loved.’

  • That moment you’re aware you’re being watched

    27th Jun 2022 by

    …that He is aware of you. He knows you by name. There is nothing that can shake away that moment. The Creator creates it, designer made for you. You look up to see Him gazing down at you. There’s no need of the sun, there’s nothing under the earth. Everything you knew pales in the… Read more

  • SEAHORSE, my friend

    27th Jun 2022 by

    He was real, I was young enough to love him for what he was, a real sea creature in the early waves, Bay of Bengal. Through the years, he has followed me, city after city, lane after lane, along with a certain “Harrison” Aussy Life Saver/priest who took me to the Shoulder of a wave.… Read more

  • Ah, June.

    1st Jun 2022 by

    Break bronze, level mountains, un-crook crooking pathways… You blossom today like a sudden Lily, Yeah, be yours’ with the roots of the cedars of Lebanon. Search out for me, Treasures from the heart of Him who pursues darkness June, speak Life..Bulbs of fragrance, olive shoots running down your arms, into the hours of your 30.… Read more

  • Dew Fall

    28th May 2022 by

    …on our blinds, our mind – shuttered. on our veils, our vales of shadows – sparkle our dust with the Life of Your Light, Fall, Dew, fall.

  • Heal

    27th May 2022 by

    when we do, we will be changed, These days there are no words enough. We will heal when we heal; we will die and birth either hate or more love: the kind that is conceived in days like these when our children kill our children. What state is that? Words fail. We sit in the… Read more

  • ‘The Cokeville Miracle’

    22nd May 2022 by

    True life stories have a way of leaving you staring as movie credits scroll down your Living room: after you get a glass of cool water, you re- live some of the scenes you just watched, then get back in current reality, a little re- arranged. This Movie had that effect on me/ us. I… Read more

  • The Boy With No Name

    22nd May 2022 by

    Happened in a few minutes, this one’s script, but the Time lapse + putting together, ah’m! For actual kids and those with heart for the Unseen. Watch time – 9 mins., and special sound delivery 👉🏼 “Appey- man*” (line loan, Johann😀) *fruit seller ‘Apple’

  • “No, blood does not matter anymore”

    21st May 2022 by

    We have had tea together a thousand times in these cane chairs facing her curry leaf tree and windows hung with old silk curtains. Sia is a good woman with friends and folks who love her; why wouldn’t they, she is not just strikingly entertaining, she is one of the loveliest persons I have ever… Read more

  • Reflections

    14th May 2022 by

    Thoughts on a new May day! No pun intended😅 have a blessed day. Did this for our online fellowship – church, and personally startled all over again by the massive arm of God’s Love that leaves none out.

  • The power of belief

    13th May 2022 by

    It can turn you and me into ‘threshing machines’ (Is 41.15); thresh away doubt in the amazing love of God. I’ve seen hate and I’ve seen indifference, but nothing shakes my core like the Presence of Him who can touch my heart of stone. ..nothing moves me like the Fountain of His tender mercy new… Read more

  • Sacred Whisper

    11th May 2022 by

    It called, like It had a thousand times but today It included me in Its Light. It wore my hands and feet, and ignored the shadows of death, the insanity of the night gone. Then It said my name. Like It says yours, this is none other than the Spirit of the Living Loving God.… Read more

  • Pieces of God

    10th May 2022 by

    Her eyes sparkle then dim as he walks out and leaves her to pay their bill. I didn’t dare take a pic while they were there. Next to us a couple (late 30s?)….her eager smile full of pink lipstick; his laughter, …careless? The Cafe reeks of a few worlds the names of which I try… Read more

  • “Joy?”

    9th May 2022 by

    I get a forward on “Feeling Joy no matter what” and I’m thinking “Nice!” but the weather is neat pools of red mud where they’re digging up new roads around our address. Yes, the rains give us poetry too, if you’re like me when we aren’t reading on bombings at Borders and what Price Gurus… Read more

  • Re-generate!

    29th Apr 2022 by

    Is it even a horse? Maybe not. Inspired by *** C.S.Lewis’ ‘Winged Horse‘, re-wiring the way I look at Renewals: worn out earth route replaced by sky map – wings; brain fatigue, taken on by new oxygen! Who said anything against that, Bro, take a walk in the direction of newnesses. “Racham” Love beyond Love.… Read more

  • Resurrection Theater!

    17th Apr 2022 by

    20 mins, 7 moments at the Cross and 7 after; 14 voices from different continents & clocks, with the Single Theme of God’s heart for Humanity.

  • Woman

    8th Mar 2022 by

    Not just raised as suns: if you were sat in a chair in a room with closed door, your light spilt out Thresholds. You did school, college & scrabble: got triple scores & blanks, double dares and heart break in crosswords where you wrote Lyrics of Peace ✨ Nah, you were/ are not only as… Read more

  • Prayer Ballad

    2nd Mar 2022 by

    Stoked by Prayer Requests from the Ukraine and our very own home fires. Dearest Lord is Your kindv Love impossible in these times?

  • The Greatest Love

    14th Feb 2022 by

    Nothing stares me in the face like this Reading; today and always but esp today, wishing you the Greatest Love ever🌷It commits us to a whole different kind of strength (read below) “commit” (thank you FMWriters) The strength to not strike back, hate. The strength to love in the face of indifference, “…hold on to… Read more

  • “Redemption”

    30th Jan 2022 by

    Oil says it better than my fingers, Grace says it best: flowing like blood, in the vein of us- humanity. The Oil of Grace. Not my favorite theme to paint, for Its demand on mood and line, but this time It called me, “…into participation & companionship with His Son Christ Jesus our Lord.”(1Cor1:9). Everyday… Read more

  • ‘Go to the ant thou sluggard,’ He said

    26th Jan 2022 by

    At the Pet Sanctuary we met Hedgehog with soulful eyes (tattoos belong to Guide). Evil itself reflects what it opposes. Violence turns our eye on Peace, Hate drives hard a case on Love, Disbelief singularily champions a running away from Belief 👉🏼in the very Thing all Creation points to. When we go out into a… Read more

  • Hello 2022!

    4th Jan 2022 by

    Life jackets on! Gratitude & Peace❗ Sure I’m holding onto our technically ‘blind’ son with +++ challenges from seizure meds, but grhhjhj, we thinks Mr.Boy particularly enjoyed this manic driver. The man had kind eyes, we trusted him. We told him our Dad had worked that Lighthouse decades ago. We were kin and kith with… Read more

  • “No be afraid!”

    20th Dec 2021 by

    Luke 2:10. We bought this crib at a Home where they made tiny clay models depicting the lowly birth of Jesus among other things, but this 12 piece set caught our eye. Sis Sarai* introduced us to inmates with disabilities: they wheeled in, limped, muttered and some smiled hard. There was Lila, with a withered… Read more

  • December 2021, God knew!

    13th Dec 2021 by

    God knew. That the sea would rinse things I didn’t know were there: an aloneness that comes with a trial, He brought it all out and rebuked it, His sea salt burned it away, hehe! Mountain forest trail, thru Kudremukh mist & heavy close foliage. It was another world- heady, strong scents of wood moistened… Read more

  • Hand writ prayers

    5th Nov 2021 by

    I’ve never been a Collector of things, not even of my paintings which lounge wherever they find space; maybe the most passionate of my ‘collections’ were bus tickets for some reason; I was age 5 and remember hoarding them from the two families we lived around at Wilson Gardens. Then were feathers at pre-primary school,… Read more

  • Stills of Grace

    26th Oct 2021 by

    It is there in emptied chairs & here and there in city places or further, in me, for FMF writers

  • Pray in the Stars

    22nd Sep 2021 by

    Originally posted on Innerdialects:
    Something that began in a dawn: Sean Parker Photography, Joshua Tree park. …before the day lends you her voice, sing in the silent beams of dawn, lean yourself on the face of light as it breaks the dark, oh burrow your heart in true Light’s ceaseless pressure, shifting shade, pulsing throbbing…

  • When healing comes it comes soft, or

    31st Aug 2021 by

    sudden, like a miracle. Suspicious, I peer at It. It seeps out like new petals, like the spread of new colour. Laughter tinges Its Stem. I sulk in the shadows, refusing to let go of the dark, it was my safe place but now Joy begins to bud! I believe that I cannot believe: whoa….the… Read more

  • Wrestling with an Angel

    30th Aug 2021 by

    “Is there a fear staring you in the face right now? Are you finding your faith in God’s promise shaking? If so, you are likely praying desperately for God to be with you. God will answer you. But you might, like Jacob in Genesis 32, be surprised by his answer.” Jon Bloom in “I will… Read more

  • Storm Song

    28th Aug 2021 by

    “You cannot withstand the storm,” It whispers. The Warrior whispers back, “I am the Storm.” Jake Remington. FMF WRITERS

  • Healing from one bullet

    26th Aug 2021 by

    I just saw this piece by Malala. If you haven’t heard about her, read on. The chaos being experienced right now is not a distant event: it is the scream of humans that will follow us in ways we can’t know yet. What can we do? I’m praying. There’s people praying that those who can… Read more

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