This blog is written on the run, so if you find typos, you’ll know this was/ is my personal diary. I write because it is my way of appreciating life, people, and oh my nation that inspires me in more ways than I can do justice to.

Innerdialects‘:  because I believe we all speak our very own language, or the same language when the need arises. If you have survived an illness, a storm, an unusual event in your life, you might agree. I have understood life so much better through the eyes of a friend, or a person not a friend; through those who love and hate, those who are different and indifferent.

Painting is so much easier: one is not as vulnerable. Words betray the way our heart went today, or that time we hit a new low. Or high. And I know vulnerability can be an indispensable vehicle if used to transport value. I write/ paint from Reality: and some things between.

Glad you were here;

I believe it takes an entire lifetime to discover that person within, and see Life as it really is. There will always be unanswered questions, till we see thru’ it all.

Some of us write about the things that Silence us, make us curious, or angry, even afraid.

I am fascinated by God. By people. I love people. If you have lived enough, there will be enough occasion for hate. But this – human beings are priceless, they show us that invisible world we would like to think does not exist.


The Edge of Light is held by Darkness. Evil itself tells me there is God.