Prayer of a Rebel

Oil, RN

Why d’You persecute me with Your Beauty my God, my God. I’d gotten used to the stench; the animal cries of beastly things, of foul crime and oh the dung of vice, but You

birthed o’er and o’er, in my manger heart, never abort

Your Pursuit of me

Why D’You love me, Jesus?

– Earth .

Oil painting, RN.

7 thoughts on “Prayer of a Rebel

  1. The painting is wonderful – the colors seem alive! I wonder why I’ve been so blessed when others have had great misfortunes. I think it comes down to Grace – for I have done nothing to merit Gods favor.

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    1. We need to define the word Blessing., Fortune….I met a broken man, his face full of joy. I met another, one blest with the physical, but with broken eyes. We need what makes us true to Heaven on earth.
      Yeah Grace. Oh but Grace,
      Thank you Muri

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