Day: Jun 1, 2022

Ah, June.

Break bronze, level mountains, un-crook crooking pathways…

You blossom today like a sudden Lily,

Photography Ann Nygard

Yeah, be yours’

with the roots of the cedars of Lebanon.

Search out for me, Treasures from the heart of Him who pursues darkness

Anne Nygard

June, speak Life..Bulbs of fragrance, olive shoots running down your arms, into the hours of your 30.

June…! May He find us hidden treasures of secret places…

May we hear Him call us by our Name.

Nah June, waste not a macro second of these days. Let’s not waste the rain – she falls our sky

into What germinates us best.

And may we grow tall like standing grain, June.

Yea, tall order. But ofcourse. What else would we wish us?

(Inspired by readings from the Book of Isaiah 45 & Hosea 12 : where He calls us by name..)