The Greatest Love

Nothing stares me in the face like this Reading; today and always but esp today, wishing you the Greatest Love ever🌷It commits us to a whole different kind of strength (read below)

commit” (thank you FMWriters)

The strength to not strike back, hate. The strength to love in the face of indifference, “…hold on to that for which Christ laid hold of us…”


4 thoughts on “The Greatest Love

  1. We have now been called to hate
    by the highflown voices,
    by the press and by the state,
    and to make the choices
    that their foes will be ours too,
    that their purchase is our debt,
    that what we know as false is true
    beneath an unveiled threat
    to cut us off from all we know,
    to take away profession,
    an example that will clearly show
    that it’s not just a suggestion,
    but a way to make us understand
    that in silk glove is iron hand.

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