I have so little left to say, just ask

  • What are we to teach our children?
Kiddie ‘lions’ @ the ‘Valley of Resistance’; Panjshir(five lions) the last bastion against the Taliban has not been accessible to terror/ war these 20 years owing to the valley that secures it. Today though the Lines fall in unpleasant places: reports come in of weakening battle fronts. One can only hope and pray for humane negotiations.
Will they hold out? How long? These are not battle – worn hard liners, these are someone’s daughters,and moms, wives. They are angry, fearful and armed with courage, …..but a match for a Force known for brutality?!

In the city I loved, suddenly nowhere was safe


  • What is a woman’s worth/ a nation’s?
  • Is the equivalent of Peace~ War?
  • Is there a Global community of peace keepers ?
  • When will current conflicts end/how?
  • Do we realize its all more than earth life?
  • Do we think of our soul?
  • Are we totally de- sensitized to bloodshed/ to another’s war?


Panjshir Valley

What is the global community thinking after 20 years of a different take? I’m swallowing words. Its easy to spew things out in the ongoing aftermath of chaos, but this will impact generations to come like only hell can prescribe. Saigon and Hiroshima now live on within their maps. This here will bleed in every continent like ceaseless echoes in the mountains…

and that’s putting it sweet

and yet, the more we hurt, the more we keel, we look up at the sun, its stars and days of nights breaking into dawn, and don’t you too wonder how ceaseless the path of Light, like Love, true love

not a whim, a selfish need, but a Cross socially distanced from humans, who cannot believe there is One that died to speak Reconciliation, Oh God –

the more we die, the closer the sky falls in with Your Light. When will we all realize, we are fighting the thing we fear most- Your Presence oh God?

In the chaos, may we soften our heart, to hear You my Christ. May Your presence cast out all Fear, that the unseen enemy of the soul be eternally defeated.

10 thoughts on “I have so little left to say, just ask

  1. We watch from afar and our prayers and tears flow. Some ask why and others howl in pain, still others place blame – on man or on God. And a few lose faith. I have no answers but I still have faith. I have questions but also love. I believe in love and the power of prayer and ultimately in God’s divine mercy.

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  2. The normal response has always been, “well I’ll send a donation for supplies or relief.” but that’s just not a good operational response for a human tragedy on this scale. I see our entire way of dealing with places like Afghanistan to be politically and morally corrupt. But I don’t have any answers or suggestions.

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    1. Thank you for that honest reply. No there’s little one can do. For this, or the repercussions that will come.
      As an earth we are steadily going so steeply corrupt, all of us – in ways we never knew possible. In the core of us. What is scary is the scale of de-sensitization. We are getting used to bloodshed; all that.
      I wish humanity would take a moment to know there’s a life after death; look hard at the responsibility of personal faithfulness to God and self even.
      Maybe times like these, stoke the soul of us to look beyond the surface of human territories. Thats the silver lining. 🕊


  3. We pray for peace, the world over. Yes, war… Sigh🕊
    Can’t shake the feeling that we are feeling its a distant war. If we could feel for each other as our own…
    Yesterday I sensed a Nudge to pray for terrorists. Tough call but that’s so like Christ🌾

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