Takeaways from a Cloud forest

I tried to pray out loud but there were no words, just clouds, walking loud into my eyes, like Tears of Heaven 

Yes I love mountains, hills: but this trip was clouds. From where we were at Tipu Sultan’s Sunrise Point,

Dawn was faster than our fingers could capture…
We’d slept in late. The suite was a surprise, unlisted in Bookings; 22 hours at Nandi hills, nestling in rain clouds. Feeling blest was a miracle all by itself.
All God’s creatures. Thanks Vi for this one, wish you were in it though. The monkas made us run. Lil terrors grabbed my bag twice (monkeys)
Wild nameless beauties

Sunset, innerdialects.

City lights

For one who is scared of heights, maybe I’m cured? 4600 ft felt good

In the stillness, you hear His Still small voice.
Pitch black night; blanked by cloud.
Moth wouldn’t move much. Was either pregnant or lazy.๐Ÿ˜ฒ And we are all Co- habitants of the same planet.

Vi & I sat staring into dawn after everyone else bundled back to bed. “Its not raining- like the forecast …?”

She replied, “Ma, will it feel like rain inside a cloud?”

A Gandhi man, in metal paint, green bowl. Foothills, Nandidurg.
Takeaways from a Cloud forest.

Stay warm, safe, blest! Pray.

FMF writers.


22 thoughts on “Takeaways from a Cloud forest

      1. Ooh, wow. Love this family sooo much ! And Love God โค what a wonderful world… Beautiful poetic text and pictures.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. So many beautiful and inspiring pictures. The photos never really capture the grandeur of heights… But the best thing is the smiles. Those hold all the warmth of the sun and all the joy of the Holy Spirit!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No they never do capture the dimensions our eyes capture! You’re so right. Ah yes, we so needed that break. Have been here before, but it takes a particular day to truly appreciate the beauty of the Life He’s so freely given us.


    1. Yeah good times snuck in all the “3rd wave” expected. Sometimes life’s a monkey and we got to grin and bear it,๐Ÿ˜€. Thank you for being here. Trusting you’re all well. God bless!


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