Order in chaos

After the rains it was there. Some call it Peace. There were frogs and crickets downstairs and the distant siren of an ambulance:

Around 5 pm one of us saw it and we yelled upstairs in our pajamas like we’d never seen these things! Ah but double rainbows and this pic isn’t capturing one tenth of it, reflected in puddles in our terrace among a rusted water pipe, rain water in bits of gaudy green moss, and the rainbow reflection falling on it all. I’m staring at a Universe filled with unspeakable dimensions we merely guess at.


…oh drippy leaves, rain drops among raggedy city silhouettes; an earth washed, rinsed. Today am still inhaling that Quiet in gulps. It has been a while since Nature hit me this way.

We are ragged with Change and human conclusions. Yet thru the madness, if you and I would pause, our inner eyes could still find Beauty gazing back at us! Thank You Father God for Your impossible perfection; and for reminders of Your changeless Love arriving every dawn and dusk with determined Grace.



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17 thoughts on “Order in chaos

  1. This is such a lovely piece filled with the gift of the beauty that surrounds us. There is beauty in even the smallest of things.

    Lovely piece. I hope your family is all well. Sending you all my love and blessings to you as well.

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      1. Oh thank you so much. I also really enjoyed your beautiful piece too. I got caught up in the interview and forgot to mention your beautiful writing. My husband lost his mother, she was already sick and then got COVID and she passed shortly after. As you can imagine I was sad that she did not know God even though we had been giving testimony for years to her. It is a blessing to be born in a Christian family. When I was pregnant with my daughter I too prayed out loud, talked of God and sang hymns to her. My mother although abusive taught me about God and I will forever be grateful to her. That was her greatest gift to me. You have such a sweet family. Love to you and your whole family and blessings with your college. ❤️🙏Joni

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      2. Oh Joni thank you for sharing those precious details, hard as some are to even tell about. You’re a wonderful dear sweet person and surely reflect Christ’s love & light wherever you are. I really wish everyone would be saved, safe & know how loved they are by God. The greatest tragedy is not knowing that, nor believing there even is a God. Breaks my heart. But He pursues in Love, never giving up on us.
        So glad you got that from Mom, and that you are such a happy blest bunch too. Cheers! Stay blest, eternally🌷

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      3. Thank you so much for your very kind response. I agree it is heartbreaking to know that someone you love dies without knowing our Lord.

        I too, will always be grateful for the gift of faith and the Bible she gave me when I turned thirteen, which of course I still study from and cherish.
        You stay blessed as well. You are so incredibly talented and still so young I think with your faith God will bless you with many dreams.
        Love to your beautiful family!! ❤️❤️Joni

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  2. Someone else that followed you. A guy who doesn’t blog anymore, nice guy, forget his name– we both tried emailing you. It might have been almost a year ago and neither of us could let you know we couldn’t post anymore. I think I could “like” something but that was all. I wondered if we were being censored.

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