Heart Lift

Vineyard of Prayer“, my new painting / fav place.

Remnants of another day

Will be writing 365 verses for each day of the coming 365 (wish me consistency); a book of conversations with God. Vineyards are places of productivity, of pruning and eventually the wine of soul comfort. Where am I going with this? Unsure, but it is a call and am taking it.

After another season of lockdown, and losing more people then we bargained for, am losing all shy and doing the thing my soul loves: putting down what I really feel in the presence of God. So, blogging might take a back seat till there’s a way to breathe between new paint knives and words. I’ve been thinking on the colors of prayer:

viridian green: for me those are deadly greens. Ocean blues, and lighter tones: /like dawn after a midnight, and the Light of God reaching into me. Empty pots, far left as at the Wedding of Cana, where Christ spoke new wine into those emptied pots: ay. He saves the best for last!

Vineyards are a Pact between Soil & Gardener &Vine. It is a crushing process, rich with learning, with leaning heavy on the Vine, drawing from the source of Life.

John15: “I am the Vine, you are the branches. Vitally connected to Me,… Ask and it shall be given…”

Yes I’m asking Peace, Love and Joy for all, but not without Him- the Vine that Lifts my soul.


Oil. RN



10 thoughts on “Heart Lift

  1. Oh my. Your words and your painting convey so much. This Covid time has been very long and very trying. It is good that you are finding a way to express and pray. You will bless us all when your book is finished.
    Always praying, my friend.

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    1. Thank you for kind words Karen🌷trusting you are all well too. I’m in page 2. Not easy haha😅 but loving it. Yes we needs ways to express the many nameless emotions going thru us as individuals/ nations. God hug ya🥀🌷🥀🌷


  2. This is a wonderful thing! I am not sure I could adequately put into words many of my prayers – but God knows the colors of my thoughts and the rhythm of my needs. The painting is like looking through tears or rain streaming across a window!

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    1. “Looking through tears or as rain streaming across a window…”
      That went stilled my heart.
      Yes the best prayers are the speechless ones, with course we cannot possibly know to name🥀

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