“The story of Jesus is incomplete…

without me.*”

That sentence arrived an hour ago without warning. The entire story of nature revolves around man, woman, child, their environment, like the planets revolve around the sun; like birds returning to the nests, like bees go to flowers: the entire Bible is an endless Whisper to Humanity;

the aspect of Love, the person of Jesus: Emmanuel – God with us; He lived, lives for what, whom? From the first Word of the…

Unbroken. Oil.RN


Bible to It’s last, this is about us. What were we thinking? Every drop of water, every slant of Light, every dawn and dusk, revolves around humans: yes the Story of Jesus is incomplete without us in it: any which way you look at it, fight kick slam shut it, crucify it, hang it out to dry. Without me, His story is incomplete. And what does that say about what He is to us?

It drives home things some things I’m gagging at. There’s no little joy here, just yelling sunshine. All of everything, from the beginning to the end, wraps around His Humans. No more shying from a Presence that pushes me like I were all He lives for, no more excuses…

As my day ends here and we settle in to night, no matter hell or high water,

I’m nestling in the way one sentence* arrived at me, wrapped Itself around my core and breaths now with a dimension all Its own.

Who am I, again?

No more excuses. FMF Writers.

4 thoughts on ““The story of Jesus is incomplete…

  1. An excellent reflection on our place in the redemption story. As for who you are? I believe you are beloved and you love and it forms a big loop that grows with each day and has room for everyone to join. ❤

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  2. God made the Ganges, full of fish,
    the tiger and the banyan tree,
    but these did not fulfill His wish,
    and He sat with elbow on His knee,
    and wondered to Himself aloud,
    what more, really, should I make,
    when an angel said from passing cloud,
    “Don’t go there, God, it’s a mistake
    to make a creature that is able
    to stand full-upright by your side,
    for this will give truth to the fable
    that grace in flesh cannot abide…”
    He paused, then said in lowered breath
    “Unless it’s paid by Your Son’s death.”

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