Day: May 13, 2021

“What is Love?”

…I ask my baby Lotus leaf sitting in palm sized pot, and she my National Leaf too, says nothing. Lazy evening mid pandemonium of bad news, local birds and neighbor welding event! What a varied mess we are.(Do check video way below if it uploads👇🏼)

What is Love?” I ask the Maker of my Leaf.


His definiton of Love is soothing a leper, kissing back a Judas, fixing the ear of His murderer. His, is a banner over the outcaste, Breath of Life o’er a corpse stunk a week in Lazarus’ tomb, His Love walks on water, slams storms, goes where I won’t …

What can I say. If I ask a question, He answers, and the Answers sit like a Lotus in murky waters.

Me? My Love is an Emotion, like my hate,my indifference, my pain. His is not an emotion.

His definition of Love is a 2 Edged Sword.

It asks me to love my grand aunt Essie, never mind that Essie has murderous eyes . He asks me to look at her with His…eyes.

For one quarter of a millionth second I stare at my murderous auntie with His eyes and I see satan trying to morph her! So we can hate each other. I’m a puppet to his schemes,so is Essie my poor relative who doesn’t know better.

Hey His love is an Emotion? Nah its a

… a 2 edged sword :

Grace & Reconciliation. Constantly, constantly, over & over. Grace & Reconciliation.….

Like new leaves grow. His definition of Love goes on and on and on. Thru sickness, war & crime. We survive because Someone looks at us via the Cross;

Not punishment & hate: but Grace& Redemption. A two edged sword. His definition of Love.

Ay, I’m saying we’re not even the Maker of lotus leaves.

I, uh

I love my wicked aunt Essie, just a little more. Cuz when I see with His eyes, I see me too with His eyes.

I see me too with His eyes, and somehow I even I feel beautiful, isn’t that a miracle
Of grace, of Redemption.

His "love" is an emotion?  

Nah its a two edged sword.