Day: May 5, 2021

Watch “Steady Me Hollyn Cover Kitsy ft. Vihan Damaris” on YouTube

My girls. “Steady me”. Dearest Lord, how I need this.

Kitsy our younger daughter with Vihan.

Its a bad time in India. Today a small trip outside felt so unreal. No sign of wailing ambulance, just a chilling quiet in our locality. But the papers. A dear friend’s 30 year son succumbs. In W/ A groups every one knows at least 5, 6 people in stages of panic, loss, grief, rage, fear.

My cousin in Rotterdam asks if the news they see on TV is true. I tell her, I wish it were fake, then send her the news clip of our friends son: its all over the news. Not just him. I don’t want to list numbers, am in shock that there’s not enough help. Shock, and horror at the degree of helplessness that isn’t even real.

Steady me. Steady us Lord, as a Nation, as a Planet.