Day: May 4, 2021


When Remi plays those keys it is like a cure. “Remedy” you could say for laughs but that is for real. He hits those keys slow as if hesitant, as if unsure, like an amateur. Ha. You think!

Remi has fingers like I’ve not seen, he can’t sing a note, he has this puzzled gaze, he isn’t showing off, and I’m telling you he can rip a wheezy old organ and make it a grand piano. Sure its a gift. He knows, or doesn’t. I don’t know. We never will. Remi is blind, a senior at my son’s school, now he works at a Bank. Has the humor of a seasoned stand up comedian. I wonder where Remi is now, what he’s thinking, talking about, is he safe?

Thought of him now, as I got this Prompt. A gift is something that never should stop being used. Blindness never stopped Remi.

Nothing should stop you. And me. Us. Say, what?

🙂 No matter the news. The weather. The season. No matter the storm. The Gift goes on. Its the way God intended it. Its use, in the darkness, in the Light.

Hang in there warrior, shine. We need you.