Permit to park

How long before Parks too will close down again? This Lil guy did not want to be seen, but few moments later he shimmied down that tree, his eyes brilliant with joy.

Burst of Summer.
the Light never fails
Cubbon Park rocks and few walkers. Notice boy hunched over on Centre rock,in front of boy with red sneakers? I should’ve asked him how he was, but unused to that kind of thing, we didn’t. What if he needed help? What if he was praying someone would help….?

Why didn’t I give myself permission to talk to him? Courtesy- protocol. Sigh. I’ll never be able to walk past that rock without wondering if he’s ok.

As our State looks to more Lock down and vaccines, know what? For sure we have never peered closer at God. We as nations and homes, haven’t gazed deeper into each others eyes, haven’t admired nature, faces, leaves, skies, rocks, people;

As a race, we’ve not lingered as much at each other, socially distanced and all,

today as I read my Bible, the words came out and wrapped themselves around my head. “Give thanks..” And I had to stop beating myself over that boy I walked past at the Park. Gave myself permission to pray that he’s alright. Yes we can pray, right? My atheist friend ‘ll wag his head. Thats ok. In the end we will know for sure what we stutter at now.

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15 thoughts on “Permit to park

  1. Your pictures are beautiful and the trees are just so alive. I am sure God has his hands on that little child, we can’t be too hard on ourselves right now we would all go crazy. We have to pray and let go and believe me that is a very hard one for me. Have a blessed weekend my sweet friend. Hope all the family is well. Sending love to all of you. Joni

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    1. “We can’t be too hard in ourselves, we’d all go crazy… Pray and let go…” Sigh, but you’re such a gentle reminder of Him! His power and ways. Thank you for that Joni. ♥
      M trusting you’re all well safe and happy in ‘these insane times’. Stay blest. Thank you for being here. Hugs, Ray.

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  2. They may close my well-loved park
    and shutter every school,
    but, my friend, the coming dark
    shall never, ever rule
    the heart that leaps within my breast
    at every shining dawn,
    for this time is but a test,
    and blessings still flow on
    from the God who made the sun,
    the God who made the tree,
    the God whose Heaven’s just begun,
    special-made for me,
    and here in hints before my eyes
    to discover each, in glad surprise.

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  3. Oh Rayla,
    I too shall pray for that boy & all the other boys/girls I myself have walked right by. Love you Dear Rayla.
    Jen ❤❤❤

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