Day: Apr 13, 2021

Sermons from my ‘Jacquemontia’!

Years ago my husband NJ had gifted me a bouquet of blue silk roses for our anniversary, but later a relative wanted it for her wedding bouquet. I didn’t have the heart to say No, nor could find another just like it. What followed was an endless search for the blue roses, in every shop and city we could think of, yes even after Amazon happened but no sign of any blue beauties.

Then this year as we dropped our daughter off at a lane across from nice shop called Green Tag complete with Einstein looking Owner who could sniff out our need; “What exactly d’you want?” Einstein asked his serious eyes lit up with joy. We mumbled. He understood and left us to ourselves and his collections of fern, ZZ, Water babies, Palm giants & dwarves, Bird of paradise wild stalk and then I saw her, clustered at the roof of Einstein’s green house. Not one bloom on her but she called at me.

Jacquemontia.” Einstein whispered with reverent awe.

Back home I looked up the name. Oh my. Such a big name for wee creeper in my tiny balcony. Then the flowers arrived. Blue yeah. Not roses, not silk, but real. One, then two, three, four. And every bud a promise of restoration. Not just make believe but the real thing. A real planting of the Creators Words coming to Life. Our daughter Vihan took this pic and with every new bud I’m thinking on how He restores, with no limits, in ways we cannot imagine. I’m staring at His fingers writing sermons in little Jacquemontia, all for my tiny window on heaven.

Christ never ceases to stun me. Never.


ACH ‘pressure’!

For FMF Writers

“Yes. Bowling!

That is what I want to do on my birthday!” I said.

NJ smiled slow. I hadn’t been near the thing, it couldn’t be that hard. No pressure. Let’s just go …

“Ma, you sure? Its what you want for you ‘day’..?

Sure, I’m sure. Hypothyroid & everything. Doc had said to work out, and what was a lil bowling for few silly pins in a row. I’m 59 today sweetheart, I know what am asking for. No sweat!!!

Ok. Long sweet story and much laughter. Johann our visually challenged son did way better than I could even haul that thing in a straight line to where bowling does what it does.

My score reached a staggering 7, with everyone watching even the jacketted girl by sanitizer, she wasn’t even grinning. Main man in navy blue blazer went by twice thrice with worried momma hen eyes, before walking away to turn around as if casually!

When I scored my first everyone exhaled, Johann hooted for joy. Then another few, and one last parting accomplishment….

husband NJ asked if I’d like another whole round, he’s like that. Positive. Thought I was just warming up. Had to tell him. I’d had enough, was time to see other things…anything else

(He himself was flying. Like Bowling were nothing except sending wee plastic light headed darlings into gravity less space).

We walk out that Alley and life went on somehow better for all that pressure. Its the way it is; is why we have valleys and mountain steeps. Pressure isn’t always such a bad thing, now I know. God knew. He made me walk that alley to understand some of that. Yea, happy sigh.

Ouch hallelujah! 😅

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