April beauty

My April flower – Jacque- montia, big name for a bushling, already a favorite in our tiny balcony garden. It is war with local pigeon though, that want to nest here. One feather head, Tina born here, now tries tag her brood in, every season along with speckled partner. They are a mess, and we’ve told them that. They need to get independent. Get a tree. They won’t listen. Now there’s Jacquemont– found her at a local shop, she loves the sun. Reminds me of India. Teeming with survival.

Indoors for a closer capture of tiny blossom. (Painting is by Kitsy Ruth: Waterfall/blossom).

7 thoughts on “April beauty

  1. We had a pair of mourning doves that decided the porch was a good spot. They’ve been back twice and generally are non-threatening but the nest and the chicks tend to make a mess… This year we have a feral cat that is hanging around the porch and we are hoping the doves decide to find a safer spot for their family…

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    1. Mourning doves & feral catπŸ˜…. I get your porch drama! They say pigeons have this terrific sense of ‘home’ and mayn’t easily shift base. They’re also faithful to one partner! I looked this up. More info, they can learn to recognize alphabets, have terrific wing speed ( were letter carriers)… Hmm wish they could be taught hygiene, sanitising and someπŸ˜ƒ. Your cat’ll love them though.
      Hope it all clears up.
      Last month after a birthday, some balloons spilled on to the balcony. Our feathered friends hated those and stared them down from roof, haha


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