There’s another word in it

Prompt: Observant

I always look forward to this Prompt from Friday Five minuters, look forward to it with a relish I knew growing up with tonsillitis and was allowed ice cream only on sacred times of wellbeing! Ah well. Thankyou FMF writers, for keeping me in touch with words,mine & yours. Life gets hectic- beautiful yes, hazardous often in these days of virus and co., but creation never stopped. Sam my musician friend’s beard has gotten longer. Binda seems to heal from cancer, our friendly neighborhood pigeon gets bolder by the day, the children are taller, the sky feels more velvet, yesterday I caught a few drops of rain- it was cool and quenching in my skin, this morning I could not wake up the 5 am I usually do for my morning Quiet, but I kneeled within, in my heart, in bed, cushioning my spirit in Him, as He re- created me for a brand new day. Still in bed I open mail from FMF, and blog. Something I’ve done only twice. Blogging before brushing my teeth. Its a different odd feeling. Like breaking a rule, like smiling with your mouth closed? Maybe. Blogging is a whole cave of possibilities in a beach full of pirates, hehe. I see the world differently horizontally : the Word Observant hauls up sensitivities to look at life with new perspective: as a Server, a Waiter of creativity. A servant of It. Not obstruct its way. Not mess with its Maker, not shut eyes to the possibilities of the day. Here I want to haul self up and stare at the things waiting today:Wait. Ask. Pray. Serve as I watch, observe our Creator’s pathways in my day.


14 thoughts on “There’s another word in it

  1. I really enjoyed this post. It gave a prompt I was not expecting. When you spoke of

    > > …” > Looking forward…with a relish I knew growing up with …” >

    It made me think of the “relish I knew growing up with…” an Italian father who took me and my sister every Sunday mid-day to spend the afternoon with one of his four sisters and their family. My mom stayed home to man the phone and keep the business going while Dad kept the family connections with:

    1) Aunt Marie (who lived on the old family farm on the Stanislaus River in central, CA with Uncle Salvadore and their two sons, Eddie & Jack), 2) Aunt Laura (on a dairy farm with her husband Uncle Johnny and their 5 children – wonderful cousins), 3) Aunt Angie (whose husband, Uncle Igino, was my dad’s partner in business. They lived near us with my cousins, Bobby & Leni), and 4) Aunt Jenny (who lived about 20 miles from us in “the city” with Uncle Al who had a flower shop , and their three boys, Butch, Mike and David, my favorite cousin).

    It was on those afternoons I learned to love and appreciate and want to learn to cook pizza, pasta, pesto sauce, and gnocchi. Thank you for taking me back!!

    With Love & Hugs, Jan


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    1. Wendyelz, absolutely yes♥ it doesn’t get better than that on days when one needs a break from routine esp! Thank you so much for being here, my apologies for delayed response.


  2. Jan, what a trip you took me on; you write like a quick road trip between snacking and cuisine I’ve not tasted, now I need more, see😀! But yes how precious to remember and be who we are because of where we’ve been too.
    Forgive my delay in replying. Life’s busy with a few things going on, all good, but I’ve not been able to write or blog visit.
    Now ‘gnochhi, pesto sauce…’ You simply must teach me. Love that you cared to pillion ride me via your flavours! ♥


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