Light fall


9 thoughts on “Light fall

    1. So remind me again which part of this planet you are from 😀 and I will tell you more about my hottie: the Indian sun. Right now its still chilly for us, 18°C is cold for us Brrrrr.
      The sun is like God smiling at you….
      🌤 oh thats something! I dont think I can handle anything lower than a 10 °C.


    1. “Wordless light….our words only adorn the fringes…. Its Life changing fall….” 🔥
      You do write so well. God bless you and all at home. Trusting your daughter is completely well now. Our regards and prayers.

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  1. Thank You Rayla, You add new colors to words yourself. Daughter is still fighting the healing battle right now but spirits are good. This has been her life. Her world is very small, mostly in bed and in a chair. She is a tiger with life, but tiger is weary. God gives her more strength than a classroom of seminary students could fathom. She does not let evil feed off her pain but glories in her savior. Thankyou for your prayers.

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    1. Oh my. I’m all out of words. Tell Tania she just gave me ocean loads of guts to face some things I’ve no answers firvyet. Tell her she’s an angel, a messenger of Joy. Thank you Gary and precious family🕊💜🕊

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