Republic of Heal

Photo : Saksham Gangwar

Touch me Lord, deep within the fractures of my territory. Cleanse me here where darkness hides, but You know! You know every battle wound, curse & bleed. You who hears my cry, unlock my joy, fill my eyes with your Light, my ears with Your Life.
Father God, liberate my sensitivities; may I need none else but You: Your gaze, Your embrace, Your absolute Friendship; all my citizenship in Your Kingdom-unshakeable,
within this heart so easily broken.

Un break me Lord, forgive the sins of our fathers, melt my stones, rebuild my body as Your Temple. Healing God, birth me anew, regenerate me: only You can, only You.


13 thoughts on “Republic of Heal

  1. This resonates with how I feel during the UK lock down, which has gone on for many months now. It strips me of everything except our Saviour’s love.

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    1. Oh Letitia, how are you doing now? Do forgive my late response here. Praying things settle down for the lot of us. And yes in the UK. “Stripping us of everything except our Saviours love…♥”

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    1. Murisopsis, you actually did that? Oh I’m so honoured to know. God bless you my dear friend. Do forgive another long delay in responding. Take care, stay safe🌻


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