Polished Arrow

Hidden, in His quiver, you thought you were forgotten. You’re there for that one choice moment, polished chosen arrow;

time & tide sifted, ground, broke you – seasoned your edge- today you think you live in the shadow of others; ha, know this, you are one set apart,



…for a Time such as this, for a day in a thousand, for a task you alone can do. He knows you by name, you are Designer-ware, made for specificity. You are needed, blest, crucial important, you mayn’t see it Lil arrow,

you are deadly to the foe, deadly to the very thing trying to destroy you. It is time to go out, fearless. You are a force to reckon with, a Season all your own. Go on polished arrow, fly in His skies, shine!


(Isaiah 49)


9 thoughts on “Polished Arrow

  1. Rayla,
    I soak in every word you expressed here. Your words are God speaking directly to me. If it’s ok with you I will print this out & carry it with me as a reminder of who I am & who’s I am. Thank you Lord for Rayla & the beautiful gift you have given her.
    Love & Prayers my Dear Friend,
    Jennifer πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

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    1. Ofcourse Jennifer, thats so special to hear. So glad you got this too, as it spoke to my heart as well. Love backy and prayers for a fabulous blessed week🎯


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