Day: Oct 10, 2020

Harvest of Tears

it goes down the cheek of our fields,

prayers like rain, like tears, these kisses of heaven?

I couldn’t have guessed this was a Garden. What.

Blossoms of Your Breath. Your Breath.

Oceans of Words, reaching in me, in me.

As if I were just ONE child You had, and wherever I went You followed / saw me.

Nothing between us, just Your Tears falling in my face. Thought they were mine!

You seeking all of us. All of us. What a harvest that be. All our soul safe in Your gaze. For this I pray everyday. Every single day… for Your harvest of Tears like kisses of heaven. Heaven.

All pics from Unsplash.


Thankyou Father God for the Love You bestow on us that we be called Yours. Thank You for silhouettes of You everywhere. Most of all thank You for all the things about You I’ve learned in the dark, nothing compares with that. All the seasons of ‘festivity’ I’ve ever had, pale next to what You’ve harvested in my winters! I owe You my life, my all. Father God in Jesu’s name, I thank You.



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Stay blest, stay precious.

(All pics, courtesy Unsplash)


Where does Help come from?


It arrived that morning, not like an orange life jacket but via a few loud words yelled in my ear by a man on a bike. “Jesus loves you!” he roared as the road took him down and swerved into the market place. I stood staring at his audacity. His noise! His impertinence. Who’d he think he was? Moses?! I went about my day, chin snuck in collar, miserable and yet haunted by the Jesus of the man on his bike rushing away. How many more people did he yell at today?


I remember his smile now. His little eyes hid in bushy brows, a wrinkling face, smiling. At what, me? The more I thought about him, the more I felt a warm smile light up my own self. The love of Jesus seemed to reach through like with Safety Jacket. I’ve no words for it. Help seemed to arrive at me, in words sent from a stranger.

A love without protocol! Oh reckless. Defying! Not caring for this and that. A Love that sped to me like on a Bike! Speed is needed for urgent help.

Unsure where you’re at today, but I just want to say, no matter what the tide is, no matter how it feels, He knows you. He cares. He loves you. And you can disbelieve His existence, or wonder whether His arms even reach where you’re at, but He loves you He does too. He sent me to tell you that; He loves you. Jesus.He loves you. Think on that. Just think on that.