Day: Sep 15, 2020

The “In-Words” Are: Faith, Hope and Love ♥

Last month we had the privilege of meeting Arron’s Blog where he nurses among a whole list of care giving for older citizens, caring for their homes and gardens,(even people’s precious pets), he has a Faith Garden, yeah Mustard seedlings in happy rows! In a time when Faith Hope and Love are Essentials like never before, Arron, is a fellow Survivor/ brother, working where the Love of God leads him. Do take a look at his Mustard Story.

Arron, all of your story cannot be shared here, I understand, but am so glad you are who you are, a Warrior with a heart of gold. You’ve not just journeyed through life surviving, you are a piece of God’s own heart, shedding His Light the best you can. May your tribe increase; your home and Ma, and Sis… your dear neighbour friends whom you help and pray for. Am touched by your service of kindness and love to older citizens, who I know, wait for the sound of your feet and friendship. May the Lord who brought you and your family this far, warm your hearth with every single thing you need. May you continue to bless, heal and live well, live safe, growing stronger in faith as the Heavenly Father would bless you to. And may your Gardens li’l and great, grow into more and more testaments of His provision in your dear life, Arron,

God bless!


And if you have a personal story to share in these unusual times, do write to us in comments. Email

Stay blest, stay precious!


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