I think Mercy is this..

This chair? Or the child that chair was waiting for? Or the Window….


12 thoughts on “I think Mercy is this..

  1. Window or cubby hole ? I used to have places like that to store things valued as a child. Still have some of them gathered over the decades stored in shoe boxes though 😉

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  2. I love the picture, and agree with Jan that it’s a great story starter, but I’m not getting the connection with mercy?? Feeling like a dodo. Seems like everyone else got it. 😦
    Your FMF neighbor #26

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  3. Perhaps the profound thought is that we cannot reach things alone. The chair is a start, but ultimately he will need an adult’s help to get what he is stretching for. We like children have to reach for things, but God gives His mercy to help us get or keep at bay what we are reaching for., FMF Reader

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  4. Just waiting for Mercy to come pouring out of that window that the child is so desperatly reaching for. Aren’t we all like children reaching out in anticipation of God’s loving Mercy! BTW very interesting painting, looks half real with a glimpse of something going on behind the wall!

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    1. Wendy! Yes…the anticipation. The longing. But oh the hope in his lil fingers reaching ….and his heels all arched in that reach.
      Aren’t we all like that in Hope. Seeing the invisible….


    2. Yeah yes! Something behind that wall. As thru window. But perhapsxtoo it usnt a window. Its maybe even a shelf? He kept something there. Or perhaps his Ma did. And his Dad. Maybe he saw them put it there. And they aren’t here anymore to help him reach up. So he gets that stool… hes alonenow … with the hope of what’s in that Place….


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