I respect you..

…your time here, your life; it maybe far different from mine, yet here for a breath we meet, brothers / sisters in a time like ne’er before…

I respect that your presence, your heart is the physical manifestation of God; we are so alike, we are different but alike in ways too many to not remember. I respect that we walked this year together, torn, mended, healing, broken, like dawns and dusks, we like oceans and shore lines .. crashing building castles; our prints settle in an earth in a time we will never forget. We may never meet but we have, here, now, this new day. And I stare at these lines that spill me to a person I might hear from, I might not. I stare at all this with respect.

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8 thoughts on “I respect you..

  1. You say I must respect your words,
    and I do, with all my breath,
    but not if they will point me towards
    a million infant deaths.
    You say I must respect your choice,
    that parenthood’s a trial,
    and that I must ignore the voice
    of the lonely unborn child.
    But friend, this is a mite too far,
    you ask what I can’t give;
    underneath the guiding star,
    had Christ not right to live?
    Or does Herod’s fell command
    stay my heart, and stay my hand?

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  2. I love this! The thought that we are all woven together by circumstance, activity, the sharing of words, and most importantly the One who orchestrates all! Glad to be your #fmf neighbor, Cindy

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