Text- Prayers

Today I prayed with Marija- Serb/Russian- she in an empty church (Prague), me here in my Indian Lockdown. We could not talk: Marija had a cough and is much better though still cannot speak. We text- prayed, in a beautiful silence.

Where Marija prayed today with me and her phone.


She is a gorgeous girl with a heart of gold; a classical pianist. A star all by herself and as we pray she introduces me to the whole new world we all are in: a world that has crept closer than ever before in a silence that reeks with fear and need: a silence that demands to be filled. We pray for her friend Serg. who is recovering from the worst: for the little children in her classroom and others even here. We go to the altar of an earth keeling; we have no words enough. We have no pride left, no ambition and self. We are as one, muted, stunned into new needs. Has Heaven changed? No.

Thankyou Marija for this.


It is the same light in Czechoslovakia that also will fall here a few hours from now. We all still spin around the same sun. It falls on us all the same way; the way it fell for centuries.

Emptied pews, memoirs of finger prints and feet that went through these places; tears, laughter, weddings, babies, christenings, flowers, sermons in candle lit shadows rising to the rafters like hymns;

now they are wooden witness to Marija’s whispers as she kneels for her Prague and my India and all our nations and friends and peoples….

…varnished mahogany(?) gleaming in the flash of Marija’s phone. I’d asked for a few pictures. We have never personally met, but she is blog friend and fellow prayerer at Haven Fellowship.

There are angels in marble here and there in life, in cathedrals and parks. And there’s us. We aren’t angels, we are real time people with lungs and whispers. So we pray for each other; for employment issues and food, for healing and cure; for peace and the knowledge of the saving grace of God that knows no death.

M.& I finish praying but I realise the prayer must go on like a back burner, even though we say Amen via WhatsApp and go on to dinner here. Monsoon is good this year maybe; there’s a rose bud in our balcony. New sapling from forgotten pots; like prayers they lift their stems to a laden sky. No we didnot see any Neo-comet. We saw a family of parrots in gaudy green & blood red beaks. Everything looks like prayers to me. Everything seems to be asking heaven for its Saviour:

as I write this it’s all I can think of. Yes I’m praying for us all, that more than life and death we will experience the Love of God that transcends our very need for mortality. And that He will make a way for us to feel for each other in prayer. In the end it’s the most powered possession humanity owns.

(Below: Marija, playing WayMaker).

For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. ” John 3:16. The Bible.


15 thoughts on “Text- Prayers

  1. Beautiful playing and photography. I loved that you prayed with your friend for our world. God is the only thing that can save the world with salvation. I believe too that we need to pray. It is so important. Thank you for taking us with you. Love and blessings to you both. Love Joni ❤️💕

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    1. ‘Love’ back at ya, Joni. How are you my friend? Yes and yes. No place like prayer. ‘..it’s a stairway that winds up to heaven. And it takes but a moment to climb. Its s stairway of prayer and you’ll find it. Anywhere you may be, anytime…’ a song my ma taught me when I was little. Stay safe/ blest💞

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    1. Nothing like it, I’m humbled at the act of prayer. We’d much rather stay visual. But to trust the One who put this whole gog together…!
      Love you Amelia. And how are you doing? 💗💓💞💕

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  2. This is a wonderful way to share prayers – praying together in the modern world in the midst of COVID. We have such a small world with the use of electronics. I enjoyed the Haven Fellowship this last Sunday!!

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    1. Thankyou Murisopsis😇..ah yea such a Limited world… how little can be foreseen. It all melts down to the unseen, the matchless power of an invisible power as superior to AI as Love itself!


    1. Thankyou my friend. Am trusting you’re safe n well like all our friends everywhere, here in Blogworld and across the planet. It hurts to come to this, and yet blessed to be comforted by the One and Only Comforter.

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