It is time

To hold on to the good in us. To remember mercies and love. And faithfulness. It’s that time to practice peace. And pray like we believe prayer works. It does. Everytime we healed, someone prayed. Everytime our heart of stone melted, it was someone praying. Someone changing the stone of us into a pleasant pasture. What a tragedy that we believe drug- related elation, rather than what made us. It is time

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*** rest, lean on the magnitude of true Love. I have lived a while now. I’ve seen good and bad and ugly. In you and me. I have eaten nice days that melted down to garbage. And I’ve been kissed by green pasture still waters, my soul has tasted of the Lords goodness and old fashioned as it may seem to someone’s intelligence, darling all our intellect cannot even begin to explain the goings on of mortal breath.

Yep. It’s time to pray. To know God is there here within the arms of our screaming need; Lord heal our lands, our diseased core. Why we fear death is because we know there is more beyond these days, & all our material ways. ‘Neath clothes and head and shoulders & knees & toes, we are creations made. We are more than bags of bones descended from ape and tapes of theories. We are more than doctrines and philosophies. In the core of your pillow you know, you know… in the stark of night, you look out your window asking the meaning of it all, and you know there is more. There is your beautiful mind and it will not die in a box. It leaves into territories we must seek now before late cannot get later.

It is time beloved, to not just pray for life but that also in death we will be safe. We are more than corpuscles and conditional peace. What are we, what is man, his woman, her child: do we know?

In the core of the night with stars, we wonder twinkling star shining bright, what you are…? Just dust. We are more. We write and deduce, we think and celebrate. We justify and keel. We are storms and wars, deciders of things we negate, but this:

a little piece of virus has us running like rabbits into our holes where we beg grace. Our theories and kings, all our horses and men, cannot put us together again.

In our distress we become murderers. Killers of decency. Not just now but thru’ history we read that when we are pushed beyond limits we are limited in our morality. Then we know there is good and bad. If there is good there is a Source. And it’s not us. There’s evil and there’s a source and its not us.

Something made a nice man a demon.

Something made a terrible man an angel.

Get a little closer, listen to my breath. Tell me the source of that and I’ll tell you the source of what draws humans together in the presence of a crisis. There is a Power wider than the girth of the earth spinning on an axis at her tummy. There are polarities geographically, spiritually. We have tasted the bitter dregs of evil and we have sniffed a sniff at some good. We have accepted the powers of Ugh but we are suspicious of God because He wouldn’t like us nestling with Him with all our horns and tails on.

We hate the idea of a Christ that upset the grave. “Bah humbug!”

We suspect His love that spurns evil. We would believe every other, not Him. Though we thoroughly blame Him for all the evil we invited in our living rooms. I’ve done it too.

But it’s time. Time to wipe our glasses and shed embarrassment at being created. The grave has no shame. That last word belongs only in this fleeting land of human existence.



15 thoughts on “It is time

  1. What an amazingly honest post. Beautifully said every word. So true. Your picture was beautiful too.

    How I long to be held in the arms of Christ. In his time. There is no need to live in fear. God has us in his Almighty hands. He always has and he always will.

    What a lovely piece.
    Wishing you and your family blessings. Love πŸ’• Joni

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    1. Joni! I’m so sorry didnot see this. How great to hear! And glad to know you’re safe and well and sounding great as usual. Glad you liked this post; makes my day to read such kind words.
      Stay safe please. πŸ˜‡πŸ’žπŸ’“

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      1. Don’t ever worry about that with me my dear friend. I really did enjoy your posts, I always do but this one was particularly honest and filled with love. Sending you more love my friend for you and your lovely family. Hugs too. Joni

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    1. And how few can really respond to that call not because we are selfish but more that we are afraid. The virus has just amplified that. yet one sees so many genuine ppl emerging from the shadows they’ve been in all this time. And thats nothing short of a miracle. How awesome some ppl are in this nasty Covid season. Their beauty just shines. And it’s not famous ppl or chatterers of charity. But simple ppl. I’m amazed. It is for me, the biggest sign that the heart of God has reached humanity with a larger wake than that of this virus. There are ppl praying like never before. And I’m stoked too.
      Thankyou my dear friend for reflecting all so well.πŸ˜‡πŸŒ»πŸŒΌπŸŒ·βš˜stay safe, blest

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  2. Prayer is my lifeline! With all that is going on in this broken world, I cling to prayer and listen got God’s gentle assurances that all will be well. And it is. All is well with my soul!

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    1. Lifeline. You couldn’t have put it better.
      He talks back to you and you have that gentle assurance. Nothing can fake that. Not in this day and time. Nothing substitutes that. Nothing . You found that one pearl in a mine field of chaos. Blessed the one that finds purpose and peace in turmoil


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