Where now?

Just park. Lay your handles in the wall, stay in. It’s not impossible to do. It’s the way it is now. How do we do this:


The park and Lizac stores, they’re half open. Garim Mall and Ooga’s kitchen, Lily House plants and Maya’s Stop for groceries, they’re all there. No one’s left. They’re quiet. Raghu the frig repair man called to say his Ma disappeared yesterday. Then he called now to say she still hadn’t returned.

My throat feels sore, hmm. Quarantine my heart Lord God, let me get off my highways a bit and lean in on You.




8 thoughts on “Where now?

  1. Although stores are still there and some are starting to open, we do need to rely on God. I’m most concerned that Raghu’s mother disappeared! How does someone just vanish? I will pray for her safety!

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    1. Raghu’s mother got back in safe, he sent a pic of themselves back in. So happy! He a total stranger that my husband contacted to fix an issue with our frig. And this news became the terrible concern. We contacted everyone we knew asking help, but R. had already contacted authorities. How on earth they found her am uncertain. Guessing she has alzheimers or related. Sigh! Had a whole mob praying for R and Ma. Thank God for that frig trouble. Now I understand when he says rejoice in all things. 😄

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  2. Quarantine my anxious heart,
    give shelter to my soul
    as it’s feeling torn apart,
    never to be whole.
    Let me lean into Your arms,
    cleft Thyself for me;
    be my proof against the harms
    that would seek victory,
    for I’m weakened now, O, Lord,
    pressed until I’m dry
    and can only stumble toward
    You ere I wither up and die.
    I’ve roamed so far in my own pride,
    and now I need a place to hide.

    Praying for Raghu, and for his mum.

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    1. What a precious precious poem, I will cherish it till forever and oneday when we meet face to face am going to give you the biggest sister high you ever recd. Thankyou so much! And yr prayer for Raghu was answered. His mom got back in safe. God does hear prayer. And He will hear yours too.
      I read your words to my family and there was this moment of gold, knowing we all feel the same.
      We send your our warmest hug and prayer for a time of soul healing. That these will be moments of pure light. Wishing you Christs touch of healing and pure joy.
      Love you so.much my brother.

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