The Tipping Point

I just watched Trevor Noah on the recent horrific Floyd killing/ aftermath: and what struck me deep as I moved away from his ‘tipping point & domino effect’ is that

this is not just one isolated piece of reactivity or discrimination. This is the whole of Humanity reaching a ‘Tipping Point’ in a variety of ways and we are going to have to watch our reactivity like never before. All of us.

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I do not know what to think, leave alone say. This did not happen in my country, but this is our earth. When a scooterist got beaten up by two cops here (he was out at Lockdown) everything in us recoiled.

We scream out loud now and then at things we do not understand and something tells me our thresholds are being lowered like never before : courtesy Covid and all, we are maddening maddened. We are losing immunity to dis- ease and moral code. Something deep within our morale is losing Core social skills. We are raped of Reserves, of Goodness, Justice. Grapes of wrath grow well in our Vineyards grown for Peace.

There’s this though: it is in Times like these that perhaps most men women and children have sat in silence and stared at that thin fine line between Good and Evil. Here we as a Race see that the colour of our bones is the same ash, and too, that Human Conduct has no colour. No allow me to re-state that. Human conduct does have a colour, the colour of shame. It’s there where there are humans, and we must spend the rest of that decade in apology, because humans intrinsically know what is right and what is wrong. We know casteism and dowry are evil practices, that murder is sin. Female infanticide and Sati deaths, honour killings, these debase our society that so aches to progress.

If we are Dominoes just waiting for something to impact us… if we have zero foundation within that will hold us strong no matter the tide, then the Tipping Point will come easy, it will arrive real quick in ways we wouldn’t believe if someone were to warn us. People will kill each other for a coin, a loaf of bread, a glass of water, if that hasn’t happened already. Rage will become a norm, racism as common as common cold.

If we have no Soul Spine, we are in for a mega crash as a Planet. The killers we condemn out there, are perhaps in all kinds of intensity around us already. Or within..

31 thoughts on “The Tipping Point

  1. Indeed, “This is the whole of Humanity reaching a ‘Tipping Point’…” and losing its Moral Spine. We all need to stand up straight, straighten our moral compass, denounce racism and injustice, promote love and unity, and make sure our voices of reason are heard loud and clear. This inhumanity to our brothers and sisters must stop! Bless you for your thoughtful insight!

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    1. Ay, Janbeek: all this is so easy to put to words. Must be tough to run governments and people, their collective pain and dreams. And histories. (I should say ‘our’) how and when does all this peter down to love and justice/ or … rise to it?
      Thankyou for being here, … ‘ moral compass’ oh yes.

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      1. We’re surrounded by soothsayers, prophets and politically inclined darlings. These days I just want to chat with leaves on trees, or some blissfully uneducated sages. Most of whom aren’t in the city anymore. The neighbours that remain gaze worriedly over masks. Sigh though- we can still smile, we got those muscles. I’ve stopped glaring at the trajectory of the Indian curve or any. 😇

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      2. I’m not looking at those virus curves either… prefer the curves of our beautiful mountains! Bee 🐝 well, my friend! The antelope are roaming in our field right now.

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      3. Seriously yes! Theres much more beauty to look at than all the Yukky stuff. Yes I’m bee-ing well, Gods grace is more than sufficient, trust the same for you and yours. Hugs to your antelope if that’s possible. 😅

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      4. Yes, we had a “pet antelope” in the neighborhood for awhile – and we could feed and pet that one. But that’s rare (and against Montana law). These are wild animals and meant to be admired from a distance. But, they come right into our yard. I’ll send ’em virtual hugs ❤

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  2. I reread your post, shared it with my husband, remarked again at how important your well-written, thoughtful message is. Yes, “Grapes of Wrath grow well in our vineyards” of hate and divisiveness. Thank you for being a voice of reason, an advocate for sanity, an advocate of love and compassion, and a gong of warning ⚠️

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    1. Thankyou JanBeek, it’s always heart warming when a Post resonates with another; here it is that bitter sweet brotherhood though. Wish things would soften, that folks would come to terms with what is, and use all our brilliance and wit to exact new exits out of old chaos. Theres enough new chaos to deal with, as is! Yea, praying peace, in humongous loads. Thankyou for your kind words, honoured to be shared. In the mess of everything, this is precious, when peace is understood, valued.

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  3. It is a scary thing as we are lockdown again but for a disease worse than covid, a disease of hatred where the initial act of injustice spurns a violent revolution across anyone who get close.

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  4. Very well expressed …yes hatred can only be eradicated if all of us accept that it exists in some form within us… unfortunately most of us confuse hatred with what we think is ‘ our right to set things right’…most of us live with our beliefs without understanding the truth behind them..

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    1. Ach these flutterers, though here we are, leaning on that Rock of Ages. Praying for all, as you are yoo I’m sure. Trusting all this will only birth a new season of peace


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