More than one way to go forward

Little Anish, a tiny 9 year old autistic boy I met in the art room of his school…. well he’d walk backwards to go forward.


What the idea was I’ll never know but Anish did well to keep his eyes on us, and back into the sun. What lessons are in this one I can only try imagine; I remembered him today with this Story Prompt from FMF Writers. There was another thing Anish did: he never cried. When it hurt he sang, that was his crying- a high wordless tune that was rich and sweet.

I never got over him, his cherubic face and wide dark eyes that did not look worried. His world seemed locked in somewhere deep within, he was independent and did not talk much except in monosyllables to his mother.

My thoughts go to Anish now, wondering what he is doing these days: does he still back into the next step,

still sing in that unusual voice that makes me think of angels?



16 thoughts on “More than one way to go forward

  1. Some people are afraid of what is before them and others fear what may be behind… We must each choose and face our fears. I think Anish has found the middle ground. Keep an eye on the demons following yet still move forward. Genius in a way….

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  2. Sometimes I wake and, waking, think
    in the darkness of the night,
    ’bout the nun who had too much to drink,
    did she get home all right?
    She worked the slums of Tjilajap,
    and it really wore her out,
    and to make sure she wouldn’t snap,
    she drank just like a Kraut
    sergeant from back in the war
    (that’s what her daddy’d been);
    for all I drank, she could drink more,
    and she was last seen
    striding to the taxi-stand
    a can of lager in each hand.

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