“What dyou mean?” She asks, her face wide with laughter and tears, a rare combination for Jassi who never cries.

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Apparently the people who’ve been paying her rent are stopping that now that they must care for themselves. Jassi’s been semi- dependent on her second cousins all these years with eyesight gone and a debilitating disease. A few friends and I collect groceries and essentials, but it isnt helping. The last thing her cousins told her was that she best fend for herself, and said that in tones that hurt. When someone asked her if things were returning to normal Jassi laughed and cried; after a bit she laughed again, like a child. She said this was good. Now she could lean on her Heavenly Father like never before, and why hadnt she done that all her life? Why had she leaned on other things, and people….. she asks.

Good question Jassi, I’m learning to do that too.



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Have a great weekend.


22 thoughts on “Normal?

  1. We lean upon the money,
    and pray for more each day,
    and we don’t find it funny
    when it goes away.
    We lean upon our treasured friends,
    the ones we’ve learned to trust,
    until we found that philios ends
    and we’re tossed beneath the bus.
    We lean upon our ruddy health
    and in it find life’s answer
    until we’re stripped of that great wealth
    and find ourselves with cancer.
    Our leanings will be broken, flawed,
    until we choose to lean on God.

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  2. Lean on God for those who found the Pilgrim Pathway at some/any time in their lives from birth or where they are now. Jassi I hope these words get beyond this post. If you and your friends live in a region where papaya trees (PT) grows, PT may be the God provided source to heal or minimize some of your health issues. You see, making extract from fresh fruit bearing PT heals many health concerns far beyond dengue fever – but one must begin and give it a try. Drying leaves and making tea, why you could do that for your neighbors, sweeten with a bit of honey, very small sugar if that is the only choice. I never brewed fresh leaves, but I will do that today. Invite your neighbors to tea in exchange for a token freewill offering. Maybe some will help as volunteers – just think, everyone will benefit from your physical health concerns – and healing will breakout like the dawn of a glorius morning………

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