Ar-Rest-ed by Love

He pauses between keys… his fingers tender o’er the notes that write my life….they rest/ arrest me;


my black-white days, the touch that sustains…. I’m listening and every breath mine, every sigh is the song he sings as if he is the rhythm/ the beat of my rhyme

no he refrains from letting me go/ go to my own translations of words/ of lyrics and life

his chord unbreaks wakes pursues like a Linger, it repeats/repeats his lines…

He pauses between keys… his fingers tender o’er the notes that write my life….they rest/ arrest me, just in time.

For FMF Writers

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18 thoughts on “Ar-Rest-ed by Love

  1. This is lovely. One can almost see you listening moving your head slightly to each key stroke. The in between the touching softly of the keys. Really beautiful. Hope you have a blessed day. Love Joni πŸŒΈπŸŒΊπŸ™πŸ˜˜

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  2. That is so beautiful. It reminded me a little of Gerard Manley Hopkins’s poetry style.
    Your FMF neighbour #29

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    1. I hadnt known of Gerard MH, or this form of writing. Did the repeats, because that’s what a refrain is? πŸ˜ƒ thankyou so much for showing me something here. Always a joy to know more about writing forms. And oh I so love your title!πŸ’œthankyou for being here.


  3. There’s a soundtrack to my days
    that keeps me in fine fettle;
    the gramophone inside me plays
    lots of heavy metal.
    The chimes toll, I know it well,
    they make my heart run free,
    these opening notes of Hell’s Bells,
    the best from AC/DC.
    And here’s another, very apt,
    for life’s gone to the limit;
    it’s a fighting song by Trapt,
    and the refrain is “Bring it!”
    Rounding out this glorious score
    is what Grafiti Ghosts live for.

    And, if I may, here’s the Youtube link to Graffiti Ghots, “This Is What I Live For”.

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