I thought I was alone,

but the world looks in with need,

Its eyes hinge on my flesh for sustenance, I

Pic Unsplash.

never knew we are befriended by the cries of aloneness like never before ….

We need each others faces and voices and arms of tenderness; love is no more an old fashioned abused thing; as a race we are hungry for Touch and hugs… we are not alone, just befriended by an aloneness waiting waiting to be fed.



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Have a nice day.



8 thoughts on “I thought I was alone,

  1. Love and aloneness seem to be distinct from each other but often aloneness is what strengthens love. My guess is that most of us would have experienced love more powerfully in the stillness of aloneness.

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    1. In the Stillness many things surface, especially the Invisible Presence of True Love and the Creator of all. I wish you that, above all. Thankyou so much for your blog presence and kind words always.

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    1. Yes we do but the same principle applies – in ‘aloness’ there can always be love as much as loneliness is bereft of it. A hug in loneliness sans love ………

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