Day: May 2, 2020


What’re you simphly worrying phor?” Prisca would ask.

PiCredit Unsplash

She an East Indian Mumbaiite I grew to love for her wide-eyed honesty bright with sarcasm. She lived between all her brothers after a family crisis kicked her out of her own house, long story…

Prisca became a cook and a great one. She was there after our first daughter was born, all her fingers smashing turmeric and pepper into marinated meats. “Just you get phor up of your back an’ be doing what you want. Baybah (baby) your will get up soon soon then you can not do what what you want, nah! Get phor up!”

The Phor, as in ‘for’ meant exactly what I never asked.


The first time I truly registered that the earth was a Sphere and we were just spinning in space…? That day I stared out at a night sky wondering that we ached that much over trignometry & other horrors. Why were we afraid of this and that when there was literally nothing under our feet, no handles to hold in any eventuality….

It still startles me late nights and early mornings …. that a star twinkling out there, the moon, a sun are individual reminders of an Earth among other bodies just spinning on….what?!


We’re at new insolvable equations; here are Life & Death affairs going on between my unwashed packet of chips, and door knob. And newspaper baking in a 3 hr sun…. earth going on and on with no help from us and we think we have other worries?

I have a serious issue about standing upside down on an earth that asks no consent about its activities…

it distracts me to madness that we aren’t asking real questions… hey, who are we really??? Citizens of Earth….after which?


We like grass will wrinkle away in a heap. Sweetheart, this is my spirit writing this, not my finger bones. My spirit like galaxies & blackholes going on without our Superior Intelligence….

“Just you get phor up of your back an’ be doing what you want….. soon you may not do what what you want, nah! Get phor up!”

It’s a Call if we ever had one. A call to ask Real Questions and be replied to, the best we can hear….