Not just to fly but to rest on tides that can turn my need for magical cures into the ability to spread peace no matter the chaos: that.



7 thoughts on “WINGS

  1. Spread peace – no matter what! Yes… lovely poem, beautiful thoughts. ❤ Thank you for sharing. I had a couple of doves up on the garage rooftop, watching me while I sent my time up in my "Angel Room" this morning. Aren't they beautiful? Like the rainbow, they represent the promise of peace to me. I adore their gentle cooing music. ❤

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    1. In your Angel room….. how good that is, complete with Dove. Oh thankyou so much for saying! Yes,they exude a Peace and symbolize all that. We need that promise more than ever now. Thank God for His lil messengers and for signs of His presence, in other rooms of our lives, where things seem not so harmonised. And I thank God for you… stopping by to send notes of His Peace. Much needed, esp today for my dear brother in law …very ill this year with various health issues. Do pray for the family. Is cruel to face death like that,though He is here, risen. Sweet comfort of God. ❤

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      1. Yes, notes of peace are so appreciated in the face of today’s challenges. I will certainly add to my prayers your dear brother in law …and relief from his various health issues. I will pray for his family. God bless you!

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      2. Thankyou for prayers Janbeek. If you’ve seen my post today, you’ll know…? I’ve heard the best answered prayers are for those who’ve gone ahead of us. Do pray for the family, it’s a tough time. Stay blest🌻🌷⚘🌺


      3. What a beautiful tribute you wrote to your brother, Sam. He sounds like a wonderful man. His death is a loss to this world and this family & friends, but a gift to heaven… He will live on in each of you who loved him. Yes, “Silence can be reverent gold.” I pray in silence for you and your family, Eliza.

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