The ones looking at the painting, they are the Work of Art.

The Window turns about looking at Us. πŸ‘‡
PiCredits Unsplash
We are the Clay, our hands made by Hands that made the clay we do not originate.
Who are we? The little girl asks her mother in The New York Times: existential questions that needed to be asked long ago.
We are best when looking within, looking with some amount of discomfort. When Humans ever did something of value to the personal or global community, was when we bowed deep.


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8 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. I set out to look within,
    to see each sad and tender care,
    but when the wheels did start to spin,
    lo and behold, I wasn’t there.
    I set out to find the real
    me that sheltered from the crowd,
    the sensetive who could feel,
    but that access was not allowed,
    for I walk my bushman’s road,
    with a song and with a laugh;
    in my swag, my only load,
    that I carry on this path…
    and what might be that weight you ask?
    Just beer, mate, for the coming task.

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  2. Deep thinking and an inner space exploration reveals that to be better we need to look outward instead of inward. We must become God centered instead of self-centered. We grow in all ways when we think of others first and learn to love neighbors as ourselves.

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    1. Inner… as in bowed to the source of Life, as mentioned in the last sentence. The question is, “what is this existence..?” Bowed to things outside of material existence. Bowed in surrender.


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