40 wink Covid cure

In my dream just now, giant lemon rinds chased us down with mint sprig, down ginger spiced soda, home-made like they used to make them,

Street angle, Unsplash

& in the dream This could cure disease, even Covid- could it, could it be, the cure of deadly disease that feeds our machine, could it be,

that the cure of Larger distress…is in the Little un-noticed things: not just lemon drops in ginger-sprigged minty ices,

could it be: the Elixir of Life is in often ignored Instruments of Peace?



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7 thoughts on “40 wink Covid cure

  1. There was something in the news about people having more vivid dreams during this lockdown. Could be a combination of stress and or varying sleep patterns. I have experienced the same too. My watch indicates REM sleep when I sleep – must check if that has increased over this last month. I am tempted to try the lemon drops in ginger sprigged minty ices too ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Ah yes, my dreams have been wild and vivid. Usually if i dream, i don’t remember them. But lately … Think it would calm the storm if I tried “the lemon drops in ginger sprigged minty ices” ?๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Learning to feed your immune system, being awake or asleep, the subconscious rules. Lemon, especially the rind is packed with vitamin C naturally greater than some other citric fruits, fused with ginger, another powerful herb food, made delectable mint, writing this this mentally is healing โ€“ inhaling the scent rising up from the blended combination; certainly there is preventative essence here, almost spiritual, prevention precedes healing, as healing takes place by increasing the consumption of such. This is has to be an inspired dream. Thanks for sharing. I leave this comment now to mince two garlic cubes, a table spoon of honey in a glass of water, chasing down the fine garlic bits โ€“ why, Iโ€™m fresh out of lemonโ€ฆ Not fearing coronavirus at allโ€ฆ

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