Day: Apr 21, 2020

40 wink Covid cure

In my dream just now, giant lemon rinds chased us down with mint sprig, down ginger spiced soda, home-made like they used to make them,

Street angle, Unsplash

& in the dream This could cure disease, even Covid- could it, could it be, the cure of deadly disease that feeds our machine, could it be,

that the cure of Larger distress…is in the Little un-noticed things: not just lemon drops in ginger-sprigged minty ices,

could it be: the Elixir of Life is in often ignored Instruments of Peace?



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Where eagles fear, and angels dare…

Like tens of thousands of Doctors -my sis Li, (and Nurses, Care givers), what can one say but thankyou. Thankyou for going out to work every day, for the strength with which you live your life.

My fabulous sis Doc Li.
Pic taken four months ago.

We talk of survival and essentials; she works, while I sit worrying about tomorrows food supply. I hope you’re wearing your mask and gloves Li? I ask.

She laughs,Oh we always do.” She’s an Eye Surgeon few hours away from Bangalore, in a growing township- border to three of India’s large South Indian states. 45 patients yesterday for eye care alone. Isn’t an Eye Doc at risk too? She won’t listen to my worry. She is like our dad, a warrior with twinkle in eye. Has built a life serving others, to the dwindle of her own finances, her own health. I’m praying she will be safe and well and cared for at a time when health is not restricted to one faculty; remembering tens of thousands like Li, all over the world caring 24×7 for humanity as it reels under the deadly grip of Covid.

If there was ever the sound of Music that heals, it’s the sound of people helping each other breathe.

Response to above Post just in:

👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏Dr.Prema Dhanraj

“Salute to her & all the doctors and nurses.”🙏🙏👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🥰🥰🥰😊😊😊 (Krishnaveni, Muscat, Oman).

So nice, Doctor’s and caregivers are our heroes of the day.” Yasmin, Ex-Baldwinian.

Such invaluable service“🙏. Esther Khatri, Baldwinian, Bangalore.