From around my home

From around my home

A Letter to you: (inspired by a blog-friend)

Heal Warrior,

know you are Loved by a Force you cannot see, but One that sees you. Regret nothing but what you deprive yourself of tomorrow. Love generously, live every minute, I mean LIVE. Lockdown all noise that Intrudes. We deserve more than we give ourselves. You are No.1 and should be in your list of beautiful things this side of heaven. You are precious, more than trees and leaves of all the pages ever written anywhere on earth, aren’t you?

Aren’t you? Look deep in the eyes of your heart and read the preciousness with which you were created. See how Someone died so you and I could live free as we do, children of an earth almost too blest. Aren’t we, too blest? Warrior friend mine, yes you,

I write this with an urgency I do not understand: there’s a day to live for today and you and I must excel all expectations to just be normal. We ride above the boring norms we chalked out for yesterday… eh warrior please let go of yesterday’s habits, yesterday’s nightmares, let go, let go of tomorrow’s predictions, let’s be who we were, we are, will be… warriors in love and Peace: nothing missing, nothing broken-

we were made for days as these in a Love that forever breathes heavens’ brand of peace Warrior, please.

Old calendar, in tiny easel. Some Words never fail, no matter the way humans err and one decade after another breaks down in the stress of Time.
Last night we watched the third episode of CHOSEN, is brilliantly put together: the life of Yeshua as seen creatively by Producers’ unique brand of wit that comes from a seriously awe-filled place. Yes some Americanese in it(…”you kidding me?!” Said by Hebrew disciple), which is in any case versatility at best😃but besides that, surprisingly good – after watching way too many Jesus films, this still grabs. Looking forward to seeing the last episode now.

My little Harp girl in Water Colour, and paper roses (no florist around), yes, babe pics of our kids still around the house: Reminders of days that we receive every day from the Father of Lights with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.
Prayers that go up as incense. Answered prayers. Expectant healing from things more than an earth- bound virus. We are more than these, we are Prayerers: we forget who we are, we forget the power in our hands to reach out to The Only One Who has the power to save from Gehena. Yahweh, heal our earth from wounds we needn’t host. Remind us we needn’t be scared of things that kill earth life but cannot touch our immortality. Show us who You are. In these days, remind us of who we really are.
If you’re looking for Sunday Fellowship, do join here


You are seeing Ads. here? No, they are not endorsed by me nor am paid for, for them in any way 🙂. My apologies for inconvenience and I pray for the day Essentials will be truly free. I know, that’s asking a bit much. I love WordPress and the ability to Blog no matter what; also that through this medium, to have the ability to read your presence.

Have a great week!



10 thoughts on “From around my home

  1. There is always so much to live for and also to die for. And then, there are somethings that make life complete bringing peace and leaving no regrets in it’s wake. This post is applies to the latter. It really is a fabulous post. Actually this is huge, it is life itself.

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    1. So glad it got you reading. Was rather long, good to know it was understood. Life itself…. oh there nice to hear. Yes, life looms large in little details put together I guess. Thankyou so much.

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  2. First your pictures are so beautifully expressive. I enjoy reading your writings because of your strong unyielding faith. What a blessing to know him and how much he loves us. This is such a lovely post. I also think the paper roses are glorious. I hope you and your family have an amazing Sabbath. Love, health and blessings to your precious family. Hugs Joni

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    1. Joni, thank you so very much for kind loving words, made my dayyyyy. My faith is all I got, and that of this precious family, but more important is Him, He keeps us warm in His Word, no matter what. As i can see is the same with you and yours. Ah those paper Roses. Many stories there. Do have fabulous days, everyday. Hugs as always, Ray💞


    1. Thankyou so much Judeitakali. Apologies for a late reply here, and so glad you resonate with my post. Wordeologist… that’s nice. Yes the miniseries…. is great. Please do. God bless!🌻


  3. Love this post. For some reason, I am unable to ‘like’ your posts although I am able to comment!. Been reading as many of them as I can and as usual they are great.

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  4. Read this again and loved it. The best reads are those that read differently under different circumstances. They read different and manifest themselves in so many unexpected ways – thoughts dreams and memories. We never knew each other and yet this one reads so appropriately now. Thank you.

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