These days the Light does not fall thru’ open doors, but finds new ways in chinks and window pane, curtain sleeve and on plates and chair and floor, on leaves of page and street places I’ve been before, miles of acres of Light walking all over, unstopped, untouched by yesterday’s dying beams.

PiCredit Denny Mùller, Unsplash



Any adverts you may see here are without my consent or premium. I chose FreeBlogging, hence!😏 inconvenience regretted.

Warm regards,



8 thoughts on “ReNEW

  1. I love how your prose contrasts the Light and light — how the Light continues to find new ways into our lives even in days such as these. He is constantly inviting us to let Him into our lives and will use any circumstance — good or bad– to reach out to us.
    I like how you gracefully handled the advertisement issue in your “P.S.” Perfect!

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    1. Me thinks your comment reads better to me than my post, Thankyou so very much for being here and for the Reminder of His inviting Light. Abt the Ads…. its you I’m mighty grateful for. God bless you and your sister, & every thing you put your hands to.🌻🌼⚘⚘


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