He is that Kind.

Love one another,” He said those 3 words while I was thinking of me. “Think on each other’s well being. Hold one another in your thoughts, care deeply, practice hospitality …

How? I daren’t invite anyone home ….

But His Words fell at me today like fire crackles up dry wood. Sure, lets all think of people with no homes, no meal for tomorrow. I wish I were rich, I’d send food across my street..

but He says I miss the point. It’s not just food packets. Care for one another where no one sees: practice humility, esteem one another higher than yourself.

Christ would say something like that on a tough day. I get the distinct feeling we are headed for a new kind of existence where there might be more aloneness than we’ve all ever experienced : we’re all going to need each other/ pray? for each other across borders and walls. States and time zones. We are headed for the Age of Suspicion like never before. Let’s see what we will become. Right now I cannot see beyond my kitchen and store.

Love one another,” Painful words in a Time of Indifference: a time of poverty of the spirit. We are tiring fast. We do not need sermons. But He’s not listening, He’s asking a specific service.

“Love another, for Love covers a multitude of things that miss the mark.”



13 thoughts on “He is that Kind.

  1. I pray one of the lasting effects of these quarantine days is not only noticing others…but a real desire to love one another. I’ve noticed in my area/my community (people seem to be kinder even) but I wonder will it continue? I can only work so that it does for me….

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    1. Kinder …. oh that’s the best kind of Effect. Sure hope it stays and never goes away. Thankyou so very much Jennifer and do forgive me this delay. My best wishes, God bless! 🌻🌼🌷⚘


  2. We are a self-centered species. Putting others before self is a difficult exercise but one that makes us stronger, kinder, and ultimately Christ to others… Isn’t that our mission? They will know we are Christians by our love…

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  3. Give them space within your heart,
    give them grace within your prayers;
    do not make them stand apart,
    do not put on haughty airs.
    Hold them close though you are far,
    dry the tears you cannot reach,
    comfort those lost in the war,
    washed up on the bleeding beach,
    for if we are to put on Christ,
    if we are to rise above
    the sin for which He sacrificed,
    then we must put on His Love
    and care for those that fear the tide,
    and give our hearts in which to hide.

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    1. “….our hearts in which to hide…. care for those who fear the tide….” beautiful words with depths we shirk from . Thankyou so much, blest to read, consume.πŸ™‚


  4. First of all, I love how you write. When I read your work I hear your calm voice in my head. Secondly, this past week I was reading the book of John from chapter 1 to chapter 21 and I must confess I didn’t know that Jesus talked a lot just like I do. I love when He always said to His disciples ‘A NEW COMMAND I GIVE YOU, love one another’ and He said it many times. Could it be that Jesus saw lack of love among the believers that much? May we find time to embrace Love and care for each other. Finally I love when you say, care for each other in your thoughts. That was deeeep! God bless you!

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    1. That was special of you Cynthia to take the time to write to me here, like that. I cherish that it all resonates with you, the Words of Jesus, His brand of Love that stops at nothing, esp indifference. Ah I’m certain there must’ve been that slacking of love. They went thru some extremely challenging times, and it mustn’t have been easy to eat walk talk everyday with the Son of God. There must’ve been envies, bitterness and rivalry. As we face other kinds of lack..yes, caring for each other is a tough step ladder hereπŸ˜ƒ. It’s a challenge for all 7 billion of us, me esp. As for my calm voice,…. you must check with my family, I can be such a storm yknow.πŸ˜…. And I love you so much for reminding me of all these wonderful things. Hugggggs πŸŒ»πŸŒΌπŸŒ·βš˜πŸ’•


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