Terrific Teachers

Beautiful Thel,
in Melbourne
with son’s
Dog Lune.

It’s like Noah and the flood!” My Sis Thel over the phone, her laughter always like happy bells on a low key day, but last week she was more listening to the world outside here in Bangalore. “Some people across our gate … we used to smile in passing, but not anymore…?”

Thel is a Teacher of the finest, like my Ma. She did her Masters then taught English, even to me as I graduated from college; she had this stack of Classics ~ Thomas Hardy(Return of the Native, Tess….I loved those, at age 17, I think), Dickens, ‘Grapes of wrath’ …Steinbeck?, Saki, Wodehouse; my sis Thel is a deeply caring person whose smile reminds me that Life is beautiful, even mid-odds.

Thankyou so much for another photographic beauty, Yomargey, UK.

So of course all that got me thinking how us Earthlings are on a type of Boat, waiting out a certain Tide to recede, meanwhile every day spent is a Lesson of sorts. Some of us venture out like Noah’s Dove; we return home with Olive Leaf to say ….yes, we got fruit today. Oh Tej Bakers was open. Ah, Veg Store too!

We are learning skills we never intended to: creating moments indoors instead of going out for them. Eating together and watching movies without worrying about bed time, or wakeup!

And some bad.

This awful thing in today’s papers: do we need ask why?!


Divorce rates went up somewhere; another country asked women to wear make up even while at home. Instances of abuse & rape rise.

Observing Social behaviour during Lockdown now is an Eye opener to the two Lives we live.

This morning as we got in some more groceries and washed/ dried out masala packets we chatted about how Life might never be as Unsuspicious of Surface Tension anymore. …?

it’s going to take more than a rainbow in the sky to make us feel safe about a hug and a kiss greeting anymore. Namaste? Maybe. 2 meter friendly Lifts/ Walkways? ……

Right now this Boat trip feels alright, with our visiting squirrel, pigeon, and Ivory&Blackie, (2 friendly dogs at our gate).

Life is odd and sweet and beautiful in flattening curves or otherwise, that teach us Things we will hopefully remember as one Community of Survivors.


9 thoughts on “Terrific Teachers

  1. This really resonates with me. Some days, I do feel kinda like I am on the Ark waiying for the waters to recede. Some days I am the dove who comes home excitedly from the store becasue I was able to buy a small package of toilet paper. We need to pray for those that are in turmoil right now from abuse, pornography, drug or alcohol abuse & broken relationships. My heart breaks for those who are stuck inside with their abusers for the foreseeable future. What about the lonely who turn to pornography just to get some type human interaction?

    Father God,

    We are living in a VERY confusing time. I pray that the Church will reach out in tangible ways to the sick & wounded sinners in the local community. I hate the sin that you hate & I love what you love. Protect innocent victims from the abusers in their lives. Remove sinful desires from their hearts. May we come out of this crisis, a larger body of believers who willingly sacrifice for others every day.


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    1. Thankyou so much for that beautiful heart lifting prayer. May it seep into our earth and heal. Yes may we come out of this, larger, kinder, bigger hearted, more empathetic as a human race, more caring and careful, even cared for. May there be lesser divides, less confusion and poverty of spirit

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  2. Suzanne, thankyou for being here; yes! It’s my fav line too, and the hardest of all to fulfill. Comprises the entire ten commandments I’m sure. Let’s see where this all leads. 🙂


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