Ads in my blog posts, WordPress, do you see this?

Thankyou Janetsm (Historic Writer/ I love her Blog! Do visit) for writing in about ‘Ads on my posts,’ and often really irksome ones too.

I’ve uploaded 2 screen shots:

One of what appears here as I publish a post; no, there’s no control over these things for me, as I have not “UPGRADED TO A PAID PLAN TO HIDE ADS…” & the other screenshot is of Janetsm’s useful query, I hope that’s ok. Janetsm, thankyou so much for writing in.

Unfortunately I do not see any of the Ads you might be seeing, nor am I being paid for any ads that might be appearing in my posts. Apologies, but am unable to upgrade and stop this interference.

Phew! Sigh. WHAT DO?

Holy Saturday here feels quiet and a little more tense than yesterday as blockades around our city Covid hotspots appear in local news. People are panic buying again; ach! We are running out of a few supplies. Trusting this blows over soon. Praying for a whole lot of things this morning, for people all over the world and in our smaller circles to have all the resources they/ we need to survive, stay healthy and productive.

Blessed Saturday everyone, everywhere and thankyou again Janet. Wish we had the power to buy up privacy, buy safety and resources, and too, basic decency at a time when we’re going to need to most.

Pic below of our daughter Kitsy’s Japanese cuisine last night complete with sake, sauteed mushroom, and marinated eggs. Before that it was her exotic eggplant + gravy. I’ve zero clue how she unearths these mouthwatering recipes.

Added that bit to cheer up a saddish post. Feeling in-fringed on. Not a nice feeling. WordPress, sos!



Green, not a fav colour for serving dishes,
but we got two green ones in our set of five; Johann doesn’t see green, (he sees most colours in the light), and I don’t mind at all, esp when the Chef is such a sweetheart. Thankyou God for younger hands that share responsibilities.
Amen πŸ˜‡


5 thoughts on “Ads in my blog posts, WordPress, do you see this?

  1. Thank you so much for your gracious and detailed response to my comment on your blog yesterday. After I sent it, I feared you would be offended. I am relieved that you took my comment in the spirit in which I meant it. I’m glad to learn that a blogger has no control over the ads unless they pay a premium. That is unfair. Seeing an ad on a blog site leaves the impression that the blogger endorsed that product, political view, etc. I couldn’t imagine that was your intent, and I’m glad I contacted you. I was tempted to not follow your blog any more, and that would have been a dreadful mistake. That would be proof of the mistakes we can make when we make assumptions. Thank you again for your feedback and your amazing endorsement of my blog! That means the world to me! Take care, and stay safe from this horrible pandemic.

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    1. You’ve no idea how grateful I am to you, for alerting me here. And for replying now, because I took the liberty of making a post on this linking back to you without your permission. My gratitude. Yes, now I wonder about what this all comes across as: hopefully no one left because of those horrible Ads. (Too, don’t they know people can be also severely put off, when something or someone is over advertised???) Sigh! Anyway. That’s the whole social media reason for hosting sites.
      Besides all that, your Site is absorbing beautiful, and am honoured that you took the time to help me out here.
      Wishing you much peace and joy and safety. 🌻


  2. I understand your concern. I have been thinking about upgrading to Premium but am not sure it’s in the budget. I have noticed that many of the ads that I see are targeted to where I live. I must have to do with the IP address. Take heart, my friend I am sure thar most people just ignore the ads.

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  3. All free blogs have ads. I have on mine too but I don’t really notice or read them. I have an older blog but I have run out of space so continue posting on that site, I am asked to upgrade. I am not sure I want to pay just for blogging random thoughts. So I set up a new blog as a branch to continue to blog for free. Just thought I’s share my thoughts. BTW, I read yr Easter blog and enjoyed all yr singing. Beautiful.

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