A day that rewrote History:

Ay, take the pieces of your life, string them together like a song; orchestrate- separate rights from wrong; forgive, blesseven if you do not feel like a blessing.

A day that begins to change me: there’s more than I can fully say in this Post. As quarantines connect different cities of our world, our family reaches a time when we learn from the mouth of our babes. Unable to have ‘regular service’s with all kinds and minds, today we too were just family, face to face with God. Last year today our precious visually challenged son was at his worst with seizures, (aggression from med side effects); today he is able to live an almost(96%?) normal life. Kitsy (with glasses) and he could barely stand each other in the same room: we each have thrown tantrums of all kinds I’ll say! There’s been tears, war, fear, all types of doctors; we’ve huddled, lost it, found new ways of reaching out to each other and those outside….

(Good Friday home service Haven with our kids, do join if you are led to, 38 minutes)


Yes, there’s been anxiety, some amt of damage, ach, yes scratch-bloodshed🤕😇 a teeny drop or two but frightening enough for a home that’s never had even raised voices…..well last night (Maundy Thursday, they both actually colour co-ordinated and did a few dance steps to Hollyn’s Alone. I’m startled at the power of prayers answered. What happens after prayers are answered, and hearts are healed? We can choose to forget. Or choose to remember, and pay tribute to the One who still intercedes for us….).

Today I know He isn’t turning away from our Planet. Maybe, the contrary! Miracles aren’t necessarily nice territory; it yells of both war, and love; of Peace in the midst of chaos, joy yes, against all odds. It’s been a year like that for our 5, but we’ve watched strangers walk in like angels and pray for us prayers that were answered. I stagger with awe at the Christ who cares that much for us in the B.C, & in the A.D.! We can’t wait to see how He’s going to touch you too. Stay blest.

Now unto Him who is able to keep you from falling…”


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