It is there in the seams of us

in the hinge of my shadow sitting, of

lashed eye in naked street,

‘tween closed border & shut teeth,

..of all the ill we may conceive,

this might be the final viral of this age,

soul Rage.



FromWhat to do when you’re in a rage and ready to explode,.Pic V. Amano. Unsplash.

Stay precious, stay blest.


3 thoughts on “Rage

  1. We often rage at things we feel we have no control over. The truth is we have no control other than our response to circumstances. If we open out heart’s door there will be peace because the rage will “fly away”…

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    1. So very true…
      ‘Open our hearts door…’
      ‘No control other than our response…’
      What a miracle if we all chose peace like you say. Thankyou for that. 🌻


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